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End of Summer or Beginning of Summer?

so... was the Summer Festival at Maiden's Peak actually at the beginning or ending of summer?

I know, in the dub it's at the ending; but this article makes it out to seem like that's dub-only canon. Considering this comes at the end of the whole Summer Vacation arc in first season (Kuchiba City, St. Anne, Pock'Mon Land, Acapulco, etc), I would assume that while it's based on the Natsu Matsuri, in the Pokémon version of Earth, the festival celebrates the end of summer.

I could be wrong, but that would make sense, considering that a whole year passes between Tokiwa City at the beginning of the series and the return for Tokiwa Gym - the only definite canon winter episodes occur somewhere in the middle, and Sato-tachi spend the summer training for the League (during which Mewtwo's Counterattack and Pikachu's Summer Vacation occur). This would lead to the assumption that it was already well into summer by that time a year prior, and all these point towards it being an end of summer festival in Pokémon. Just because it's based off of Natsu Matsuri doesn't mean it has to be exactly the same. It's called creative licence. Satosuke 08:18, 24 January 2009 (UTC)