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Item clarification

  • Full Heal: Hidden between third and fourth tree from the stair to the underway.
  • PP Up: Hidden behind a tree on the right, which can be cut down. It is located a short distance before the river bridge when heading north.

Both of these seem to be referring to the same location. If this is the case, since I just got a Full Heal there in Pearl, is the PP Up there instead in Platinum? If someone could confirm and note it, that'd be great. Capsule Computer 06:35, 9 August 2009 (UTC)


In my game the archways look purple not blue, and shouldn't it be "blue transparent archways are" not "an blue transparent archway is". - unsigned comment from Blackjack (talkcontribs)

Trivia Worthy?

I was on cycling road traing my Prinplup and got the hiker below to respond. But if you do that you can't get to him without caneling the request. I would haved it straight away, but it would have gotten reveted, due to Site ruling. But I know that if It is noteable then it can be added. Truthseeker4449 11:45, 6 October 2011 (UTC)

Hiker Theodore 2nd Rematch in Pearl

The Onix's level for this battle is actually 37 as seen in the game, not 27. It would make no sense for the Pokemon to be lower leveled than the 1st rematch. - unsigned comment from The CHOsen One (talkcontribs)