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Gộp 2 cái danh sách DVLT rồi gom vào 1 như bên List of International Voice Actor luôn đi.

Trash game

Obviously, the problem of "junk" games in Vietnam is dangerous. I have added game trash to people know to avoid playing them. Simply, because the graphics are not equal to 1/1000 real games, make lots of crazy Pokémon (like Mega Necrozma, and lots of other crazy Mega Evolutions...), then wrong types names (Bug-type have an official Vietnamese name is Hệ Côn trùng but they tell this is Hệ Sâu, Fairy type-Hệ Tiên, but Hệ Yêu). This is the great disgrace of Pokémon in Vietnam.--P I K A C H U ALONE (talk) 03:05, 23 March 2020 (UTC)