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In Johto

This article, and Pokémon Manga listing, gives the description of "The adventures of Isamu Akai and his Pokémon in Johto". While this is indeed correct, the way it's been worded seems to suggest this was their 'first time in Johto', or at seems so to me. Now I don't know for certain myself, but hadn't Isamu Akai been to Johto before in the first Pocket Monsters manga? If they had been to Johto before, I think it should be reworded to say that this would be their second adventure in Johto...

I'm basically going by the fact that Isamu Akai owns a Tyrogue (Which should also be mentioned in the articles as traveling with Isamu), which debuted in the 11th volume which was released in 2001, which would be after the release of Gold and Silver. Granted, I could be entirely wrong and the cast may still have remained in Kanto during the GSC era, but something I still wanted to bring up. Mudkipchan 01:11, 9 July 2010 (UTC)

Go ahead and reword it. The person who made this article may of had no idea about the previous arcs or is not familiar with the manga. --CoolPikachu! 01:22, 9 July 2010 (UTC)
Well the thing is, I too am unsure of the previous manga 'arcs' as well. Mudkipchan 02:11, 9 July 2010 (UTC)
Hm, I'll just fix for now then. --CoolPikachu! 02:16, 9 July 2010 (UTC)