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What about the dock?

The underground way and the dock from Olivine City (G,S) aren't listed anywhere. (No pictures, Item\pokemon list)

I don't know if there are any hidden items in the underground way, but at you can fish at the dock and one of the fishermans says that you can catch Shellder more easily at the dock, because they appear here more often than anywhere else.

As far as i've seen you can catch Tentacool(common), Chinchou(rare) and Magikarp(uncommon), i haven't encountered a Shellder yet or any other pokemon with the Good Rod. (During night time)

And even though Chinchous page says that it can be cought in Olivine City, it isn't listed in Olivine Citys pokemon list.

The Voltorb listed as only HG SS in the "Gift Pokemon" section can also be obtained the same way in the regular Gold and Silver versions.

I somehow have the feeling that the pokemon list here is not fully correct and maybe even incomplete, unless all generations in which Olivine City can be visited have identically the same pokemons to catch o.o

Could anyone else confirm this and maybe correct\complete the list and the missing underground way\dock?

OMG 23:10, 27 May 2010 (UTC)


It should probably be noted that if you hang around the café too long in HG/SS, your Pokémon eats some old food off the ground and then gets mad at you. :( Tymime (talk) 02:11, 27 October 2012 (UTC)