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Magic Guard

When used against a Pokemon wih Magic Guard, the in-battle text will confirm that it is "having bad dreams", but the Pokémon will not take damage at the end of the turn.Reynbowz (talk) 00:45, 13 November 2013 (UTC)

Nightmare glitch

The page says the nightmare glitch DOES occur in Gen II. I think we need proof that it CAN occur in these games if this article is to be fixed. MagKiwi1 (talk) 13:36, 16 May 2016 (UTC)

ChickasaurusGL just did a video of it in Gen II: Kamon (talk) 03:10, 4 August 2016 (UTC)

Waking up then being put back to sleep in the same turn

"However, if the target is put to sleep in the same turn it was woken up by an item, the effects will continue."

This is a line I removed from the page. I tested this in Generations III, IV, V, and VI using an item from my Bag, and I could not replicate it in any of them. Does this occur in Generation II? While it would be possible to do with a held Chesto Berry by using Trick or Sleep Talk Thief (or Skill Swapping Klutz in Gen IV onward), I find it unlikely that whoever added it set up such an elaborate situation.

This line was added in 2008 with no edit summary. Maybe the user who added it encountered one of the Nightmare glitches and mistook it as Nightmare not fading if the Pokémon is immediately put back to sleep? --SnorlaxMonster 14:26, 4 February 2017 (UTC)