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Found on wild Clefairy in Gen 3?

The article says "Often (50% chance) found on wild Clefairy" not only for Gen 4 but also for Gen 3. Does somebody know if this is accurate? The entry for Clafairy only shows Leppa Berries as a held item for Clefairys from Gen 4 on. Peterpansexuell (talk) 14:40, 25 August 2013 (UTC)

Leppa Berries Possibly Based On Crabapples?

The size and design of the Leppa berry looks more like crabapples than regular apples (At least to me. Anyone else notice this?). I think it deserves some sort of mention somewhere, even if just in the trivia. Zichqec (talk) 20:56, 14 October 2014 (UTC)