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effect of blocking dragon tail

Just find a Interesting point from Smogon

Pokemon with the ability Steel Thorns prevent Dragon Tail from switching out the target, but only when the user of this move is below 12.5% of its health and hence dies afterwards due to Steel Thorns damage. Nattorei remained in the field after Dragon Tail attacked, and Garchomp died because of the damage inflicted by the opponent's ability.

I think the part of blocking dragon tail effect should be deleted until someone fully test it

P.S this same for Rough Skin

--chungkingpun12:54, 17 October 2008 (UTC)

Whose HP?

"1/8 of the user's maximum HP" implies that if Pokemon A hits Ferrothorn then 1/8 of Ferrothorn's HP will be removed from Pokemon A. It's 1/8 of the attacker's HP, right?


What about substitute? how does it interact? - unsigned comment from The Mr. Mime Gamer (talkcontribs)