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Moving this

Goldenrod Radio Tower, with the Kanto one being at Lavender Radio Tower? TTEchidna 18:26, 4 January 2010 (UTC)

Agree. --electAbuzzzz 18:39, 4 January 2010 (UTC)
Seconded, makes sense to me. ZestyCactus 18:41, 4 January 2010 (UTC)


What are the prizes other than Master Ball? --SnorlaxMonster 10:55, 23 May 2010 (UTC)

I added the other prizes --Dopefish 07:11, 30 May 2010 (UTC)

Anime section missing

Anyone want to add to this? I'll have an image ready. ht14 03:21, 10 August 2010 (UTC)

Jessie and James

Anyone else notice that one of the only 2 female grunts owns a high(er) level Arbok, and one of the male grunts owns a high(er) level Weezing? Is it just me that thinks it could be a small allusion there? LordSchmee (talk) 20:08, 19 June 2012 (UTC)