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In the Generation I description:

- "If the user switches out before the turn duration ends, the target will be unable to attack during that turn, since it did not get to select a move."

- "The target will get to select a move during each turn of Bind's duration, and will attack the player's incoming Pokémon with the selected move if the player decides to switch before the duration is over."

Is it just me, or are these completely contradictory?

Also, in the Generation II description:

"Instead, it inflicts 1/16 of the target's maximum HP as damage for two to five turns upon use, in addition to the damage dealt when it is used. The quote "<user> used BIND on <Pokémon>!" It also traps the target, preventing switching and escape."

The bolded part seems to be just randomly stuck in there. EnosShayremTalk 21:42, 25 January 2013 (UTC)