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i just added a few thing for Big Nyarth Day!

So... We say Riding on Lapras...

If we call that song by the English Pokémon name Lapras, rather than it's Japanese name, why do we use Nyarth instead of Meowth? Then again, we say Haruka's Theme and Hikari's Theme, so why do we say Riding on Lapras instead of Riding on Laplace? Consistancy, please. Satosuke 04:02, 25 October 2008 (UTC)

Errors in the Lyrics by Pocket Monsters

I'm oddly suspecting of a errors on Lyrics in the site pocket monsters, so i'll listened this song again and again, until discover this errors.

Instead, "3 x 5 ha 15 de 9 x 9 nara bacchiri" shall be:"3 x 5 ha 15 de 6 x 9 nara bacchiri";

... In the song, i'm don't really hearing "san x go ha juugo de ryu x ryu nara bacchiri",

i'm hearing "san x go ha juugo de roku x ryu nara bacchiri"

Therefore, i had correcting this lyrics, which soundly pleasant in this song.


lyrics are totlally wrong ive managed to translate some of the japanese but alot of the japanese romaji is different to the kana.therefore it is quite hard to translate.--Solid! 07:54, 13 August 2009 (UTC)