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Some thoughts before I forget

  • better template for the seasons and competitions needed, this is just a thing I copied to include all neccesary info.
    • xy and oras seasons should not be combined into the same template because they're vastly different.
  • Placement of some information, soul dew has been banned in every single competition and season I think so should it go at the top because of that?
  • There's a bunch of clauses that exist that are the same for every competition and season like this bit:

If both Pokémon faint in the same turn as the result of a move The user loses if the move was: Self-Destruct, Explosion, Destiny Bond, or Final Gambit. The user wins if the move was: Double-Edge, Volt Tackle, Flare Blitz, Take Down, Submission, Brave Bird, Wood Hammer, Head Smash, Struggle, Wild Charge, Head Charge, or any move while holding a Life Orb.

If both Pokémon faint in the same turn as the result of the weather or other conditions. If weather conditions or status conditions cause both Pokémon to faint at the end of the same turn due to damage taken, then whichever Trainer had all of his or her Pokémon faint first will be the loser. (This includes the use of Perish Song.)

If both Pokémon faint in the same turn due to reflexive damage dealt by an Ability or item. The Pokémon who dealt damage through Rough Skin, Aftermath, Liquid Ooze, Rocky Helmet, or other Abilities or items will declared the winner.

should that be added?

  • there's like loads of headers right now and it will probs just become more, soon the page will have sections like Any way to fix that?
  • VGC needs a better article by itself, like one that properly explains championship points so it can tie into this better.

Mijzelffan (talk) 00:06, 22 January 2016 (UTC)