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I've almost never seen any trainers my own rank in the Chateau (besides Baron/nesses). Should I be seeing them (I only see 1 or 2 each time), or should I just buy a writ? How quick do writs take effect? -- Pringles 00:36, 8 November 2013 (UTC)

What rank are you? It's pretty rare to see ones of your own rank, so that's normal. Never used a writ before.--BigBadBatter (talk) 00:42, 8 November 2013 (UTC)
I'm pretty sure I'm Marquis, but I usually see only Baron/nesses, and maybe a Viscount or two. -- Pringles 00:44, 8 November 2013 (UTC)
From my observations, the trainers that you face are randomly selected from the pool of available ranks (with at least one exception). I have spent dozens of hours grinding at the Battle Chateau (I'm a Grand Duke, despite only having completed 5 gyms) and it appears to be random what trainers I face. If you have reached the rank of Marquis then gym leaders you have already beaten will also be on the roster for potential opponents. Also if you have the rank of Grand Duke/Duchess then you should be able to fight the champion, however, as I have yet to face the Elite Four the champion is not within my potential opponent roster so I cannot verify this.
Certain writs will make trainers respawn faster thus increasing your chances of facing trainers of your rank. However, if you are using it as a grinding spot, as I have been, I would recommend that you issue writs of challenge, excluding blue (it will decrease opponents levels), so that you are facing higher level Pokémon. Stalgonoff (talk) 02:25, 8 November 2013 (UTC)


The Gym Leaders and E4 (and Diantha) have alternate dialogues for when they defeat the player and are spoken to after returning from the pokemon center. just throught yu should all know: --The Truth aka Relicant 20:35, 8 December 2013 (UTC)

When do you rank up?

After looking at this page, I realized I never saw how often you rank up. Is it after you've beat all the NPCs of the same rank as you? --Sambam124 03:17, 17 December 2013 (UTC)

  • I haven't tested it out myself, but I've heard (from Serebii, so I don't know how reliable that is to anyone here) that Viscount/Viscountess is unlocked after beating 5 opponents, Earl/Countess is unlocked when you defeat 20 opponents, Marquis/Marchioness is earned when you defeat 40 trainers, and Duke/Duchess is unlocked when you beat 140 trainers. Like I said that's from Serebii, so I'm not sure how you should take this information, but it seems to be at least a general idea of how this works. Also, your rank seems to determine the max number of trainers in the building at a time (with some leaving and others entering in their place, I suppose), starting at 6 and going up to 10. Once again, this info is from Serebii, so I haven't tested this myself yet. But it can be something to go on, unless someone finds something else. :/ ----NateVirus(Talk|Contributions) 00:05, 24 January 2014 (UTC)

Trainer Class Specific EVs

Maybe it's worth mentioning in the trivia that, depending on the trainer class, the trainers here battle using only Pokémon that give specific EVs? For instance, every Pokémon used by a Butler gives speed EVs, ones used by Ladies give Sp. Def EVs, Rich Boys give Sp. Atk, etc. --Photo Finish (talk) 18:33, 6 February 2014 (UTC)

Ranking to Grand Duke/Duchess

I did not have to defeat the Elite Four at the Battle Chateau to rank up to Grand Duchess... Just the Gym Leaders. Just happened. I walked in, and the room was empty, but someone was there to notify me. Updated the page to reflect this. Xchristiandianne (talk) 00:39, 20 May 2016 (UTC)

I also had this occur. I've only gotten 2 Gym Badges yet have been ranked up to Grand Duchess. The sentence about needing to battle all the Gym Leaders, Elite Four and Champion to rank up is incorrect. If it's of any importance, I've only used 3 Writs: the Writ of Invitation twice and the Silver Writ of Invitation once. Jahkxun (talk) 16:24, 21 October 2016 (UTC)
Thanks for the information. I tried testing it early myself before and I remember that it didn't seem to work, but perhaps I'll have to try again some time and keep better track, and see if I can match your experience for certain, try a few possible variations perhaps. Or if anyone can pin something very exact down (rigorously and carefully tested, as opposed to just stumbling on the occurrence) in the meantime, that'd be very appreciated. Tiddlywinks (talk) 16:38, 21 October 2016 (UTC)