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I'm just wondering this, this is on the Twitter feed on the main page

'BulbaNewsNOW BW124: "The Very Dangerous Sweet Mitsuhoney" to air May 2nd'

I just checked and Mitsuhoney is the jap name for Combee, is the typo here or on the News section? Azure/ChromeVoid42 (talk) 18:04, 6 April 2013 (UTC)

Charizard gust/whirlwind


Whether Charizard used in this episode Gust or a Whirlwind?Pawel10s (talk) 11:29, 9 August 2013 (UTC)

Charizard didn't use any move (if that's what you meant to ask).--Den Zen 11:43, 9 August 2013 (UTC)