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Site banner08.jpg
The logo for TRsRockin
Language English
Status Defunct
Run December 2000 - February 2011
Date opened December 2000
Date closed February 2011
Reason Creator has lost interest in many of the things this site was originally focused on, hasn't really updated the site in years, and doesn't see herself updating any time soon.
Creator Mandy Nader "TR Rose"
Current owner {{{owner}}}
Forum TX Metroplex Cosplay Coalition
Mascot None
Website Mirror

TRsRockin was a website that focused on Pokémon glitches and contained information on Team Rocket from the early seasons of the Pokémon anime. It was a website for looking up Pokémon glitches, most commonly the MissingNo. glitch. The site also contained glitches found in other video games, as well as a section for articles on NES games and merchandise. One of the site's main philosophies was to create "a family-friendly site that anyone can enjoy". The name of the website was derived from a line from the 2.B.A. Master song "Double Trouble", Team Rocket's Rockin.


The site was started back in mid-December 2000 by designer/graphic artist Mandy Nader (also known as TR Rose). She was learning HTML and needed a way to practice. The site started as an information site about Pokémon Live!, because not many had been around at the time. She then added information on Team Rocket to the site, because she had "always liked Team Rocket best of the Pokémon characters".

Later, still eager for her site to expand, she began researching the MissingNo. glitches, and reported on her findings through her website. She opened the "Tales from the Glitch" section of her site, which became the most popular. There were over 450 pages on her website, with all kinds of information relating to Pokémon, as well as other video games.

In February 2011, TR Rose decided to close down the site in order to focus on her next website, MeowAbout Cosplay, which later went defunct as well.

A domain squatter registered the domain and included a robots file forced the Internet Archive to delete its archives on the site.

In June 2013, the site was archived by excel and can be found here.


The site contained many sections which included information on glitches, visitor submitted information, cosplay pictures, and even a section on toys.

Tales from the Glitch

The most popular part of her website at the time, this section took in submitted accounts of glitches encountered in any of the main Pokémon games. The main section, "MissingNo. the Phantom of the Pokédex!" was a page in which gave clear instructions on how to activate the MissingNo. glitch, as well as including screenshots and commentary on her progress in activating the glitch. It then continued with visitor accounts of MissingNo., including user-submitted screenshots.

A similar format was continued for the other Pokémon games.


There was a cosplay section of the site. It incorporated not only Pokémon-themed cosplays, such as Team Rocket cosplays, but also many others such as Silent Hill, Final Fantasy, and the Mario series. The people in these costumes were usually former webmaster Mandy Nader, as well as her husband, Lee Nader. When Nader started the website MeowAbout Cosplay, this content was moved there, until it went defunct as well.


The one prominent member of TRsRockin was its original creator, Mandy Nader (TR Rose). She owned the site until it was shut down in February 2011, almost 11 years after it was set up.

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