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Team Rocket Headquarters, or TRHQ, is an English-language fan community for devotees of Team Rocket. It was created on or around June 22, 1999 by Josh M, whose screenname at the time was exo.


Original TRHQ logo
Original TRHQ2 logo

For several years, TRHQ was an extensive Team Rocket website and popular message board. The site was originally hosted on a free server; when it became popular, it was moved, erased, moved, erased, and moved yet again to a pay server. The last incarnation of the site was called TRHQ: NEXT, possibly as a devotion to the anime series Slayers NEXT, which was at the time popular with many of the forum members. Eventually, Josh lost interest in Pokémon and devoted his time to his budding webcomic career, and the site was abolished. Forum member YamatoKyouryu (now admin of then created the current TRHQ2 on ezboard, which was run by MargauxZ and Silver_Vaporeon8514 until August 2007. The majority of members at the current message board were present at the original site back in 1999; many of its members are no longer interested outright in Pokémon, but still post to keep ties with their old friends.

The site currently has no moderators. As the community is mostly made up of a small group of fans who, for the most part, are quite familiar with each other, there is generally little conflict.

The TRHQ website contained information and media related to Team Rocket, including:

  • Character bios
  • Interviews with English-language voice actors Eric Stuart and Rachael Lillis
  • Image gallery
  • Fanart library
  • Fanfiction library
  • Video clips from the anime series and movies
  • Ask Team Rocket, where fans could ask "Team Rocket" questions and get in-character replies

The New TRHQ2

Current TRHQ2 logo

In the summer of 2005, ezboards was hacked and almost entirely deleted. The recovery initially lost a great deal of old posts and data, leading to a further decline in interest in the site. Then in May of 2007, a server crash completely wiped the remnants. Former members SpookieMeggie (formerly known as peanutbuttermewtwo) and ArkNorth, who did not want to lose the history in the site, banded together and attempted to restore the forums. As of December 2007, with the help of the SuperModerators at ezboard, a nearly full restoration of the TRHQ2 board was completed (Approximately 95% of all data, including many sections 'lost' in the 2005 hack). As of January 2020, ArkNorth serves as administrator.

In December 2008/January 2009, ezboards was purchased by YUKU, where it ran until 2017, when YUKU was purchased by Tapatalk, where it resides today.

With the forum's reconstruction, new features have been added:

  • A Rules Forum, which were originally posted off-board
  • New SubForums for archiving popular main forums (The Original Rocket Lounge, Free Talk, RPG, Rocket FanArt and General FanArt Forums)
  • New forums for non-Pokémon topics and other anime and manga
  • A new deviantART co-site as a host site for images members want to archive
  • A chat room

On September 12, 2010, TRHQ2 celebrated 10 years of service.

10th Anniversary Footer Logo

On September 12, 2020, TRHQ2 turned 20 years old, still available for old and new members to post.

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