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TPPC's banner as of November 2010

TPPC is a Pokémon RPG founded more than twelve years ago. Currently on Version 8, it is the self-proclaimed "Web's Most Popular Pokémon RPG." The username of the founder and administrator of the RPG is Shrimpy.


Some Pokémon are unavailable, with the Generation VI Pokémon currently not yet released. Each Pokémon can learn many moves, including ones that they would normally be unable to learn; for example, Charizard can learn Ice Beam. However, many moves are also unavailable.

Special Pokémon

TPPC has three different special classes of Pokémon:

  • Shiny: These Pokémon are colored differently, and will remain so upon evolution. All of their stats are boosted by 5.
  • Dark: A Dark Pokémon's coloration is several tones darker than their regular form's. Their stats are lowered by 4 during daytime, but raised by 10 during nighttime.
  • Gold: Gold Pokémon are colored gold. These Pokémon are the most difficult to obtain, and are by far the most popular amongst higher-ranking Trainers. All of their stats are boosted by 15.

Differences between TPPC and Pokémon games

  • TPPC has no Abilities
  • TPPC is mainly text-based; there is no walking around
  • Most legendary Pokémon are found through sidequests
  • In TPPC, Pokémon's levels have no limit (the highest leveled is a level 18,635 GoldenScizor)
  • Pokémon can be purchased through a Trainer's market. The Trainer's market allows a Trainer to sell their Pokémon at a starting price, which is typically quite high (equivalent to 10× the total experience of the Pokémon to be sold). However, as time passes and the Pokémon remains unsold, its price begins to drop. The Trainer who sold the Pokémon will get 50% of the price as profit.
  • Players can be on any villainous team (except for Team Plasma) or the 'good team' Team TPPC. Furthermore, members of each team can rise through the ranks by gaining faction points. As they attain new ranks, more prizes will be unlocked to the players. These prizes would require team points to exchange for as well. For instance, a Life Orb can be exchanged with 5000 faction points. The lowest rank is Grunt, followed by Private, Specialist, Sergeant, Lieutenant, Captain, Major, Colonel and General.
  • TPPC often has seasonal events and contests where special rare Pokemon are given out, in addition to the side quests. Usually, the winner of the challenge is rewarded with a Gold Pokemon.


To catch Pokémon, players must go to one of a variety of maps, click the map, and choose if they want that Pokémon. Each map has a certain variety of Pokemon which can be found. They are all caught at level 5. The maps are:

  • Dark Islands
  • Tree Path
  • Hidden Cove
  • Cold Cavern
  • Meteor Hills
  • City Limits
  • Ancient Temple
  • Dark Cave
  • Memorial Caves
  • Empty Cliffs
  • Untouched Growth
  • Victory Path
  • Frozen Ruins
  • Safari Zone
  • Caverns of Alph

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