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Shou Okabe

(Japanese: 岡部翔 Shou Okabe) is a character in Aim to Be a Card Master!!, a manga series taking place in the real world. Shou first appears in the beginning of the story when he easily defeats the main character, Kenta Minamii. From that moment, Kenta's goal is to beat Shou.

Shou's deck

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Shou uses this deck in his duel against Kenta in District Convention "Kenta, to the Open Sea".

Quantity Card Type Rarity
Abra Psychic Common
Kadabra Psychic Uncommon
Alakazam Psychic Rare Holo
Mewtwo Psychic
Mewtwo Psychic
Mew Psychic
Gastly Psychic Uncommon
Chansey Colorless Rare Holo
Doduo Colorless Common
Dodrio Colorless Uncommon
19× Psychic Energy Psychic E Common
Double Colorless Energy Colorless E Uncommon
Potion T Common
Super Energy Removal T Rare
Energy Removal T Common
Computer Search T Rare
Master Ball T Uncommon
Pokémon Center T Uncommon
Pokémon Trader T Rare
Bill T Common
Professor Oak T Uncommon

Main characters
Kenta Minamii
Natsuki ShibataShou OkabeVanessa Crawford
Junpei MinamiiYuu Okabe

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