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Collective box art
Release date November 20, 2009

The Battle Starter Decks (Japanese: バトルスタートデッキ Battle Start Deck) are four Japanese-exclusive Half Decks released for the Pokémon Trading Card Game.


The Battle Starter Decks were released simultaneously to the Leafeon vs Metagross Expert Deck. The four Half Decks are Torterra, Magmortar, Blastoise, and Raichu and are each themed around a specific Pokémon stat: Defense, Offense, Skill, and Speed, respectively. Each of the decks also contain a Holofoil version of the titular Pokémon and a "How to Play Quick Guide".

Deck lists

Torterra Battle Starter Deck
SetSymbolTorterra Battle Starter Deck.png
No. Card Type Quantity
001/010 Tropius Grass
002/010 Turtwig Grass
003/010 Grotle Grass
004/010 Torterra Grass 2×
005/010 Cherubi Grass
006/010 Cherrim Grass
007/010 Dual Ball I
008/010 Life Herb I
009/010 Poké Ball I
010/010 Emcee's Chatter Su
Grass Energy Grass E 11×

Magmortar Battle Starter Deck
SetSymbolMagmortar Battle Starter Deck.png
No. Card Type Quantity
001/009 Vulpix Fire
002/009 Ninetales Fire
003/009 Magmar Fire
004/009 Magmortar Fire 2×
005/009 Numel Fire
006/009 Energy Returner I
007/009 Dual Ball I
008/009 Poké Ball I
009/009 Engineer's Adjustments Su
Fire Energy Fire E 14×

Blastoise Battle Starter Deck
SetSymbolBlastoise Battle Starter Deck.png
No. Card Type Quantity
001/010 Squirtle Water
002/010 Wartortle Water
003/010 Blastoise Water 2×
004/010 Buizel Water
005/010 Floatzel Water
006/010 Manaphy Water
007/010 Dual Ball I
008/010 Poké Ball I
009/010 Professor Elm's Training Method Su
010/010 Emcee's Chatter Su
Water Energy Water E 12×

Raichu Battle Starter Deck
SetSymbolRaichu Battle Starter Deck.png
No. Card Type Quantity
001/011 Pikachu Lightning
002/011 Raichu Lightning 2×
003/011 Plusle Lightning
004/011 Minun Lightning
005/011 Riolu Fighting
006/011 Lucario Fighting
007/011 PlusPower I
008/011 Pokémon Reversal I
009/011 Poké Ball I
010/011 Emcee's Chatter Su
011/011 Judge Su
Lightning Energy Lightning E
Fighting Energy Fighting E

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