Quicketune (TCG)

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Kricketune and Kricketot
Types used Grass
Major cards Kricketune, Holon Mentor, Quick Ball
Era 2007-2008

Quicketune was a mildly popular deck archetype in the Pokémon Trading Card Game centered around Kricketune from the Mysterious Treasures expansion. It was common especially among newer players and younger players due to its inexpensiveness and relative ease of use.


Quicketune's strategy was among the most simple of the time. The deck's entire focus was to set up a Kricketune on the second turn of the game with three Kricketot on the Bench. Supporter cards, such as Holon Mentor, TV Reporter, and Celio's Network, along with Trainer cards such as Master Ball and Great Ball provided Quickitune with the means to set up quickly. The deck's extremely thin Pokémon count of only eight allowed extra room for these consistency cards.

From that point forward, Kricketune would attack with Concerto, doing 80 damage each turn if there were three Kricketot Benched, using PlusPower when necessary to reach a Knock Out and Night Maintenance whenever a Pokémon was Knocked Out.

Key cards

  • Kricketune - As the deck's primary and only attacker, Kricketune was capable of doing up to 80 damage for only GrassGrass with its Concerto attack. At the time, this was extremely powerful early in the game and easy to accomplish through the deck's large Trainer and Supporter line.
  • Kricketot - Although Kricketot is obviously needed in the deck to evolve into Kricketune, having three Kricketot on the Bench was also critical to achieving maximum damage output with Concerto.
  • Holon Mentor - Holon Mentor's ability to get all three remaining Kricketot on the Bench (after the Kricketot the player started with) was vital to Quicketune's strategy, for the reason stated above.
  • Quick Ball - After using Holon Mentor or Great Ball to search out all four Kricketot from the deck, the Quicketune player still needed to evolve into Kricketune to begin using Concerto. Since the only Pokémon left in the deck would be the latter, the combination of Holon Mentor and Quick Ball allowed for a turn two Kricketune almost 100% of the time.
  • Great Ball - Holon Mentor was generally a more effective method, but Great Ball's ability to search out a Kricketot was important in the event that Holon Mentor was not available or the player would be better served by a different Supporter.
  • PlusPower - While 80 damage from the second turn onward with Concerto was powerful enough to knock out many Pokémon, PlusPower was needed to reach one-shot Knock Outs on Defending Pokémon with hit points above 90.
  • Night Maintenance - Since Kricketune had only 80HP, it was Knocked Out fairly often. Because the Concerto's damage output was dependent on the number of Kricketot and Kricketune in play, losing one limited it to 60 and necessitating the recovery of the Knocked Out Pokémon. Night Maintenance provided this recovery, allowing the player to return up to three in any combination of Pokémon and Basic Energy to their deck.

Typical deck list

The deck list appearing below is not official; it is meant to represent an average build of the archetype, not specifically constructed for any regional metagame. Being that this is merely an archetype, a player may wish to change any part of this deck when building his or her own version.

Quantity Card Type Rarity
Kricketune Grass Rare
Kricketot Grass Common
Holon Mentor T [Su] Uncommon
Celio's Network T [Su] Uncommon
TV Reporter T [Su] Uncommon
Roseanne's Research Su Uncommon
Castaway T [Su] Uncommon
Team Galactic's Wager Su Uncommon
Quick Ball T Uncommon
Great Ball T Uncommon
Master Ball T Uncommon
Pokédex HANDY910is T Uncommon
PlusPower T Uncommon
Strength Charm T [Tool] Uncommon
Night Maintenance T Uncommon
12× Grass Energy Grass E

Possible tech cards

  • Victory Medal - Upon its release, many players who were able to obtain a playset substituted Victory Medal for the more easily obtainable Pokédex HANDY910is. Both served essentially the same function as burnable draw Trainers, but Victory Medal's ability to grab any card from the player's deck 25% of the time was seen as slightly superior.

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