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Pokémon Revolution Online (PRO) is a fan-made, free-to-play Pokémon MMORPG. It is playable on multiple operative systems like Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and Android. The game has been made to follow both the guidelines of a Pokémon game and a MMO, offering one of the most challenging and more completed Pokémon MMO experience possible. It has its own story under the same maps and the same objective as other titles players might have played before.


The idea behind Pokémon Revolution Online was a small game for Pokémon trainers and friends of the Team Revolution. Pokémon Revolution Online started with name Pokémon Friends. Current owner and game developer Shane and head administrator Nikola (Red) parted from another project with the goal to create a game with totally new experience. This is a point where Team Revolution was created, the team that is currently behind the game delivering regular updates and game changes.

Pokémon Revolution Online idea had it's first steps in the alpha release in early 2015. First public testing was opened for several fans where the game ran on the test server. First alpha release was opened for only few people due to game founders running the game on their personal computers. Game development stopped at this point and was frozen for more than 6 months due to Shane's PC suffered hardware damage but it resumed shortly after. Pokémon player-base showed huge interest for the project and the game made its full release in August 2015. Pokémon Revolution Online became the most complete Pokémon Online game to this day with several thousands of constantly active daily users.

From a game that started on a Personal Computer housing not more than 20 users the game owner, Shane got a VPS (Virtual Private Server) housing around 800 users. Due to nature of the VPS and huge demand from new users a new dedicated server code named Red was bought by Shane which was able to hold almost 2000 users. In summer 2016 the player-base boosted and queue system was added in place. Queue began to skyrocket making Shane to get more servers. This is how Blue and Yellow server came to light. With summer end the player-base decreased but the servers remained. There are currently around 2 to 3 thousands daily constantly active users across the servers.

In 2017, Pokémon Revolution Online is focusing in building the 4th region, Sinnoh, and multiple side quests and features for players, being the recent and unique Bug Catching Contest and the Legendary Beasts quest a great new additiong and an example of the big things this year has saved for this game!

Development and Moderation

Pokémon Revolution Online client is done in Unity engine using C# language offering multi-platform support while the server itself is written in C++. The updates are regular and they happen often. Currently, the development team coding wise consists only of Shane where Nikola (Red) manages the forums, web-server, game databases and test servers. The rest of the staff team divides itself into 2 fractions, the Moderation and Content part of the game. The Moderation team has around 20 members alwasys ready to support players in any case found and makes sure the players are behaving properly and not breaking rules. The Content team creates Maps, Sprites, Art, Tiles and NPCs to build new quests, features and regions for the playerbase to enjoy.


Pokemon Revolution Online possess multiples features for it's players, which are based from multiple games, stories, movies or even original creation. There are several of them, some listed above:

  • Complex battle system. This includes typings, natures, IV/EV sets, abilities and so on so the hunts can become as complete as possible
  • Three main regions, completly filled, with the forth coming its way. Also possess a costum region and multiple original and unique areas only avaiable in PRO
  • An ingame chat with several divisions and the possibility for the players to have their own personal chats.
  • A Guild system
  • A Friendlist and Private Messaging system
  • Unique, fresh and amzing quests or each obtainable Legendary Pokémon
  • Boss NPCs, which includes challenges never seen in pokemon games
  • PvP, including a ranked system wherein PvP points can be obtained and season rewards
  • Pokémon Mounts
  • Costum Avatars on the player choice. This also has access to a unique and growing pool of objects to use for that matter
  • Pokémon- and item-trading between players
  • Daily-challenge quests
  • Official events
  • Item mailing system
  • Active community and Staff!
  • Constant growing!

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