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Several arts and crafts products have been created which feature the likenesses of Pokémon characters.

Pokémon 3D Pop-Outs

The Charmander & Friends booklet

Pokémon 3D Pop-Outs is a set of books published by VIZ Media in 2006. The books were not meant for reading, but rather popping out pieces and fitting them together to form a Pokémon. Three versions were produced: Pikachu & Friends, Charmander & Friends, and Togepi & Friends. Each edition came with ten different Pokémon pop-outs.

Pokémon Fun Dough

A container of Pokémon Fun Dough

Pokémon Fun Dough is a modeling compound manufactured by RoseArt in 2004. Each container of Pokémon Fun Dough comes with 5oz (141.75g) of colorful modeling compound and a stamper in the shape of either Ash or Pikachu. The stamper doubles as a lid for the container.

The compound can be resealed to keep it soft and moldable but will air dry if left out for two to three days. After it has dried, the compound can be colored with paints, crayons, or similar materials.

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