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These are Palina's quotes in the Pokémon games.

In the core series

Pokémon Legends: Arceus

Cobalt Coastlands - Veilstone Cape
"Hush, now. Settle down."
"I'm Palina of the Pearl Clan. And who might you be?"
"Ah, so you're that child from the Galaxy Team."
"I heard how you aided Kleavor and Lilligant when none other could quell their frenzy. Your strength must be amazing, and yet... you have such a gentle face."
"So, what brings you to the Cobalt Coastlands? We have no lord here, much less a frenzied one for you to quell."
"Our previous lord...was swallowed by the waves. He was rescuing his young pup that had been swept out to sea and ended up giving his life to ensure the pup's safe return..."
"If you were to guess, which of these Growlithe would you say is the previous lord's child?"
The big one?: "That's what everyone says at first... But no."
The small one?: "Oh, you have quite a good eye."
"This quiet, skittish Growlithe is the child of the previous lord."
"I've no doubt this little one has the potential to be a fine lord, but witnessing his father's demise has left deep scars in his heart..."
"There are those who expect me to train him more strictly and force lordship upon him before he is ready...but I could never bring myself to do that."
"No matter what the rest of the Pearl Clan says, my mind is quite made up. I'll stay by this little one's side and let him live his life as he wishes."
"So, now that you know our situation, might I ask your purpose in coming to the coastlands?"
I'm here to help the heir: "Ah. Did Irida ask you to intervene, perhaps? I appreciate the kind gesture, truly, but I'm afraid this matter simply does not concern you."
I make for Firespit Island: "A survey of Firespit Island? I see... There are rumors the place is haunted by strange shadows these days. You'll need the aid of a Pokémon known as Basculegion if you wish to cross the sea."
"You should speak to Iscan, a warden of the Diamond Clan. He should be able to help you."
"There is definitely something strange happening out on Firespit Island... Those shadowy figures are concerning, of course, but then there's also the odd lightning that came from that rift in the sky..."
"Lightning is a sign that the heavens are angry... I worry that we may have offended almighty Sinnoh somehow."
"In the past, the Pearl Clan and Diamond Clan were locked in conflict over which side revered the true almighty Sinnoh..."
"Even if we've reached an uneasy peace, the true almighty Sinnoh must be angered because there are still those who worship a false image of it. Ah, but I digress... I do apologize."
"Iscan lives on Aipom Hill, just past Ginkgo Landing. I imagine you'll find him there."
Cobalt Coastlands - Ginkgo Landing
"Hello, Iscan."
"I'm sure <player> can keep a secret. Besides, both I and the Growlithe pups were eager to meet with the great Basculegion again."
"The great Basculegion..."
"My congratulations to you, <player>."
"I mentioned to you before how the previous lord rescued his Growlithe pup."
"During that incident, Iscan and Basculegion saved my life as well."
"Since then, I've felt a great deal of affection for Iscan here. I truly adore him... But I know there are those who speak ill of me behind my back..."
"So I try to meet with Iscan where there are no prying eyes, to preserve his reputation."
"Perhaps...but nonetheless. After that day, I found the strength to accept Growlithe as he is and not force him to become the next lord. And it was all thanks to the courage you showed me, Iscan."
"You want to partner? If your aim is to pester us with bad jokes, those ridiculous introductions of yours were more than enough!"
"What?! No! Growlithe!"
"Please, <player>... I beg you: help us. That Growlithe is a very, very dear Pokémon to me. Please save him..."
Regardless of choice: "Oh, thank you, thank you! You're so kind!"
"We will make our way to Firespit Island as well."
  • If talked to again
"Iscan is so brave and strong. You can always rely on him..."
Cobalt Coastlands - Firespit Island
"Growlithe! Please, stop! You cannot beat such foes!"
"I was! But then he jumped into the ocean without warning and swam all the way here..."
"The late lord's child... He's evolved!"
"His true bravery lay not in crossing the sea, but in finding the strength to face hardship head-on."
"Wh-what's happened to him?"
"Hey, wait! This is all your fault!"
"That dear little Pokémon is my responsibility! As his warden, it is my duty to protect him with everything I have!"
"<player>, what must we do to quell his frenzy? Please, tell us what we need!"
"Balms...? Irida, what are you talking about?"
"I held my tongue the first time, but now I must insist! Stop calling me Lina in front of everyone! And yes, I'm well aware you're our leader, Irida. How could I forget that you were the one chosen? You, who can use your Celestica Flute to summon Pokémon and have them carry you to even the farthest reaches of vast Hisui..."
"Why, Iscan, once again your thoughtfulness saves the day! Now we can make those balms right away!"
"<player>... Please do your utmost to save my dear Arcanine. He may have finally become a lord, but it is clear this frenzy is causing him to suffer greatly..."
  • After quelling Arcanine
"Oh, look! The strange light has left Arcanine vanishing into the space-time rift...?"
"What could possibly lie on the other side of the rift, I wonder..."
"What?! Was that two different Arcanine cries just now...?"
"Oh... Now I understand..."
"My little Growlithe... Ah, no, I misspoke. Lord of the Isles, Arcanine! You and I must now live apart so that we may attend to our separate duties."
"Now now, all will be well. You're strong. Far stronger than me, in fact."
"From now on, let us each strive to fulfill our duties as lord and warden!"
"Now go, Lord Arcanine. Your realm awaits."
"Oh? How odd. I certainly didn't."
"No need to worry, Iscan. I only kid. I also heard the voice of the previous lord calling out to us. It seems I wasn't the only one watching over his young pup this whole time..."
"<player>, you have my heartfelt thanks for helping my dear little one, the new Lord Arcanine. I'm sorry to ask even more of you, but...please look after Irida as well."
"Now then, Iscan, I believe we'd best be off."
  • Rematch with Arcanine
"It seems Arcanine has settled into his role as lord quite nicely. He's learned how to control his frenzied might and can use it in battle at will."
"Still, I'm sure you two could learn much from each other! What would you like to do?"
Have a rematch: "Certainly."
Check my record: "It seems your current record is XX:XX:XX."
Nothing, really: "Of course. It was lovely seeing you again all the same."
  • If the player loses to Arcanine
"Are you all right, <player>? Arcanine really has grown strong, hasn't he? You've both done so well getting this far."
  • If the player defeats Arcanine
"That was a splendid match! I'm so proud of both you and Arcanine."
"This time, you defeated him in XX:XX:XX."
"How remarkable! You managed to best Arcanine even more quickly than before!"
"Such an outstanding victory must be celebrated! Please accept this gift from me."
"And please take this as well."
"Thank you, truly, for training together with Arcanine. It means so much to us both."
Cobalt Coastlands - Beachside/Coastlands Camp
  • Upon arrival, after receiving Mission 22
"That festival attended by everyone in the clans and the Galaxy Team alike... Oh, it was wonderful! Being able to spend time with Iscan in front of everyone was like a dream come true."
"That's right. You should also hear this, Irida. It seems something is once again very much amiss on Firespit Island."
"Oh dear. You seem reluctant to get involved."
"My, you speak in such disparaging terms of the seat that my lord, Arcanine, calls home! And to think, you call yourself our leader, Irida."
"Oh, stop with that silly old nickname in front of others, won't you!"
Jubilife Village - Photography Studio
  • By herself
"I thought I'd get a photo of my dear, mischievous Growlithe. Will you join us, <player>?"
  • With Iscan
"Iscan is too shy to be in a photo with just me. But I'm sure he wouldn't say no to a photo of all of us together! Would you mind joining in?"