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Coconut's Love Waltz (Part 1)
ココナッツのラブ・ウォーズ (前編)
Coconut's Love Wars (Part 1)
Collected in Vol. 10
Chapter number 63
Manga series Magical Pokémon Journey
Previous Chapter Hazel VS Almond!
Next Chapter Coconut's Love Waltz (Part 2)

Coconut's Love Waltz (Part 1) (Japanese: ココナッツのラブ・ウォーズ (前編) Coconut's Love Wars (Part 1)) is the sixty-third chapter of the Magical Pokémon Journey manga created by つきりのゆみ Yumi Tsukirino.


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Coconut has received a letter from her parents -- they want her to return home! She sets up a challenge for herself: If she fails in her next experiment, she will obey; if she succeeds, she'll stay where she is. After all, she couldn't possibly bear to be separated from Almond... could she?

Important characters and Pokémon

Character introductions

Important events

  • Kiaraway is introduced and Coconut gets her first kiss.

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