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The Pokémon Fan Universe Anime Style Battling League, or PFUASBL, was an anime-style battling league associated with Pokémon Fan Universe.


In late June 2003, Pokémon Fan Universe established its ASB with the help of members of the TPM ASB who were upset over its state and the changes being made to it. It was also established because the webmaster of Pokémon Fan Universe was trying to fill in the void The PokéMasters created when it collapsed in late 2001.

The battle system of PFUASBL was created with heavy influence from TPM's system, including the ASB Central and Tournament Forums for organizational purposes, as well as the general battle engine.

The first participants in PFUASBL were Deck Knight (known as the Knight of Deckness) and Moltrecuno, who oversaw the start of PFUASBL and put all the initial elements in place to create a workable PFUASB.

A few staple players were added into the fold, and would prove invaluable to PFUASBL's continued existence, not least of which was Sleepy Wombat, who took over in Deck Knight and Moltrecuno's absences.

However, with the departure of many senior members, Sleepy Wombat and The Knight of Deckness included, PFUASB suffered, and it gradually declined in popularity; there was a three-month period at the start of 2008 where only one battle took place. However, after this period PFUASB experienced a resurgence in popularity, led by co-admin Jax Malcolm.

In the early autumn 2008, the PFUASBL suffered a drastic drop of Trainers and referees due to a numerous of members leaving because of conflicts within the board's staff. Some of the older members tried to take the league with them by removing the contents of the topics. However, the lead administrator, Shining Arcanine, restored the topics and temporarily banned the older members from the league. With all the previous moderators and experienced players gone Shining Arcanine had to promote the best possible members to moderators to resurrect the league. As it was decided the league was to be built on new basis instead of using the old one, the two new moderators, Elbub and Necromancy, rewrote most of the rules and were close to finishing the rebuild of the league. However, the league never fully recovered in its activity.

Before the end of November 2008, the newly signed and last remaining moderator for the ASB, Elbub, removed the important ASB topics, and the league was left to die; by this time the ASB's total activity had dropped completely. Pokémon Fan Universe was shut down in December 2008, and it PFUASBL remains only in memory.

The PFUASBL was the last remaining league that offered a variation of the old TPM battle system, with the basic rules of starting with six lowest-stage Pokémon (barring legendaries), and one signature move per Pokémon.

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