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Satoshi's Shirt
Collected in Vol. 1
Chapter number 7
Manga series Pocket Monsters Diamond & Pearl
Previous Chapter PDP06
Next Chapter PDP08

(Japanese: サトシのシャツ Satoshi's Shirt) is the seventh chapter of the Pocket Monsters Diamond & Pearl manga created by 坂井 孝行 Sakai Takayuki.


Ash, Dawn, and Pikachu find themselves surrounded by a swarm of Beedrill. Ash's Pokédex reveals that Beedrill react to sound and movement on instinct, and thus orders Pikachu to not move until the swarm passes. The Beedrill do not seem to notice them, but one is flying toward Ash, oblivious. Pikachu becomes worried, however, and leaps into battle with the Beedrill. Then, the entire swarm attacks Ash, who had grabbed Pikachu and started running. One hour later, Dawn and Ash sit by a lake as she applies medication to his arm. Ash scolds Pikachu, saying that in the future the situation could be even more dangerous, and his commands should be followed. Dawn decides to go look for berries and let the trainer and Pokémon make up. As she walks, she realizes she accidentally grabbed Ash's Poké Balls, but reckons that he will be fine without them.

Back at the lakeside, an Electivire has approached. Ash orders Pikachu to once again not move, recalling that any electricity will only make Electivire faster due to Motor Drive. Pikachu cries out to Ash when Electivire punches him, but stays put. Then, Electivire charges at Ash with Giga Impact. Pikachu can no longer restrain himself and leaps toward Ash determinedly. Ash realizes that Pikachu has come up with a plan to defeat Electivire without electricity. Then, Ash removes his shirt and slings it above his head like a towel, charging forward with Pikachu. Ash throws the shirt at Electivire's face, temporarily blinding it while Pikachu attacks with Volt Tackle. Electivire is pushed back into a cliff wall, and rocks tumble on to it causing it to faint. Dawn returns at that moment, seeing Ash and Pikachu in beat-up condition. Not seeing Electivire, she asks if Ash and Pikachu fought with each other. Ash replies that it is the opposite, and that his now-tattered shirt is a sign of their bond.

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