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Forgetful Pigeon
PB23 JP.png
ISBN: 4097287230
Published: December 1997
Publisher: Shogakukan
Author: Chōji Yoshikawa
Preceded By: Let's Play Again, Porygon
Succeeded By: Eevee's Weather Report

Forgetful Pigeon (Japanese: どわすれピジョン) is written by Chōji Yoshikawa and illustrated by Toshinao Aoki. It is the 23rd book in the Japanese edition of the Pokémon Tales series. This book is in Japanese and has not been translated into English.


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Pigeon always had a big role as Satoshi's Pokémon in the "Pocket Monsters" anime. But it turns out that Pigeon can actually be very forgetful. Its friends Poppo and Pigeot also show up, doubling the fun in this story. (translated)

Pigeon have sprawling territories and they fiercely peck any intruders. One day, Pigeon is given an errand by its grandfather, Pigeot, but when Pigeon leaves to do it, it completely forgets what the errand was. (translated)





Edition Country Company Date ISBN
First Edition by Shogakukan First
Japan Shogakukan December 1997 ISBN 4097287230



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