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If you were looking for the Hoenn Gym Leader whose Japanese name is Nagi, see Winona.
Nagi ‎
ナギ Nagi
Nagi GDZ.png
Gender Male
Hometown Unknown
Region Unknown

(Japanese: ナギ Nagi) is a character who appeared Pokémon Gotta Catch 'Em All, and a recurring rival of Shu's.


During Nagi's debut, he was shown to care only for strong Pokémon which was evidenced by the way he treated Chikorita. Overtime, when Shu rescued Pikachu, he realized the error of his ways and had Charizard rescue them from falling.


Nagi first appeared in Enter the Rival! when Shu rescued Chikorita. He attacked Shu with Flareon and raced with him. After Shu threw a Poké Ball, Nagi sent out Articuno to freeze the Poké Ball. He then battled Shu with Articuno and then Charizard where they simultaneously attacked Chikorita but were stopped by the efforts of Shu and his Pikachu. In the next chapter, he battled Shu using Larvitar and explained about the line of Trainer he faced overtime. After Shu defeated Larvitar, Nagi spoke to Shu and then walked off.

In A Grand, Mid-air Battle with a Rival!, Nagi met up with Shu in a mountainous area where they had an air battle using Charizard and Skarmory, respectively. As Shu and Skarmory weren't in sync with each other yet, Nagi was able to easily get in control of the battle. When Charizard used Fire Spin and accidentally knocked Pikachu off of Skarmory's back, Nagi had Charizard fly down to save Shu. Afterwards, both Trainers part off with their good ways.

Nagi cameoed in Goodbye, Pikachu!? with his Chikorita in Shu's flashback.


Nagi's Chikorita
Chikorita is Nagi's first known Pokémon. It was found by Shu and returned to Nagi later on.

None of Chikorita's moves are known.

Debut Enter the Rival!
Nagi's Flareon
Flareon attacked Shu from above after he rescued Chikorita.

None of Flareon's moves are known.

Debut Enter the Rival!
Nagi's Articuno
Nagi sent out Articuno to stop the Poké Ball that Shu threw at him.

None of Articuno's moves are known.

Debut Enter the Rival!
Nagi's Charizard
Charizard was sent out alongside Articuno to attack Chikorita.

In A Grand, Mid-air Battle with a Rival!, it battled with Shu's Skarmory and when it knocked Pikachu by mistake, Shu jumped after it and Charizard rescued them.

Charizard's known moves are Smokescreen, Wing Attack, and Fire Spin.

Debut Enter the Rival!
Nagi's Larvitar
Nagi sent out Larvitar to battle Shu's Pikachu.

Larvitar's known moves are Scary Face and Mud-Slap.

Debut The Rival Reappears!

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