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Espeon showcases several of Mizue's creative techniques

Mizue (Japanese: 瑞絵) is a freelance illustrator and manga artist. While she engages in producing personal drawings and comic strips, the majority of her professional work involves providing art for the Pokémon Trading Card Game, and has been since the Call of Legends expansion, released outside of Japan. Many of her subjects are portrayed in dynamic poses, and colored using soft palettes and gradients with a definitive outline. The backgrounds of her artwork are more adventurous, particularly those that feature foliage, with individual leaves and plants incorporated into various gradient layers complete with a combination of halftone dots and horizontal lines. The majority of her subjects often include a white glow to help them stand out from the background. Bubbles and sparkles using lens flare also feature in many of her illustrations. For the complete list of cards that Mizue has illustrated, go here.

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