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Many items appear in PokéPark 2: Wonders Beyond, and are categorized under three different groups: Collection items, Held items, and Important items.

Collection items

A small chest

Collection items are items typically found lying around in small chests. Pokémon may occasionally wish to buy or sell Collection items, and some Collection items are vital for befriending certain Pokémon.

Col Durabubbles.png Description These bubbles sparkle forever and never pop.
Location Cove Area; Alomomola, Pelipper, Staryu, Emolga
Befriended Pokémon None

Rainbow Pearls
Col Rainbow Pearls.png Description Iridescent pearls that are elegant and smooth.
Location Cove Area; Frillish, Alomomola
Befriended Pokémon Karrablast

Col Whetstones.png Description Hard stones for sharpening various things.
Location Cove Area
Befriended Pokémon None

Gleaming Coins
Col Gleaming Coins.png Description These gold coins are engraved with many different designs.
Location Cove Area
Befriended Pokémon None

Fluffy Blankets
Col Fluffy Blankets.png Description These blankets are dreamily soft and as warm as a sunbeam.
Location Cove Area
Befriended Pokémon None

Tube Floats
Col Tube Floats.png Description These tubes remind you of beach resorts and make you feel safe.
Location Cove Area
Befriended Pokémon None

Melody Boxes
Col Melody Boxes.png Description Pleasant and soft music comes out of these boxes.
Location Tech Area
Befriended Pokémon Golett

Honey Jars
Col Honey Jars.png Description The jars have melting sweet, mysterious honey.
Location Arbor Area, Arcane Area
Befriended Pokémon Darmanitan, Wailord

Aroma Candles
Col Aroma Candles.png Description There is a wide range of candles, each with a different scent.
Location Crag Area; Delibird, Glaceon
Befriended Pokémon Munna

Noble Crowns
Col Noble Crowns.png Description A deluxe crown. "Noblesse oblige."
Location Arbor Area; Cottonee, Leafeon
Befriended Pokémon None

Snazzy Ribbons
Col Snazzy Ribbons.png Description Stylish and well-made cloth ribbons.
Location Arbor Area; Pawniard
Befriended Pokémon Swadloon

Col Sweetleaves.png Description Stylish and well-made cloth ribbons.
Location Arbor Area; Pawniard
Befriended Pokémon Swadloon

Col Dewdrops.png Description Fresh water drops you can harvest at dawn.
Location Arbor Area
Befriended Pokémon Skiploom

Col Spinwheels.png Description Toys that spin in the wind, but watching too long makes you dizzy.
Location Arbor Area
Befriended Pokémon None

Groovy Maracas
Col Groovy Maracas.png Description Shake them to make sound. Beat out a rhythm and groove!
Location Arbor Area
Befriended Pokémon None

Col Everflames.png Description Mysterious flames that keep burning without fuel.
Location Crag Area
Befriended Pokémon Mandibuzz

Chilly Crystals
Col Chilly Crystals.png Description Transparent crystals that are fairly cold.
Location Arbor Area, Crag Area
Befriended Pokémon None

Salty Rocks
Col Salty Rocks.png Description Ancient seawater was solidified and became these rocks.
Location Crag Area
Befriended Pokémon None

Col Permasnow.png Description A lump of snow that's accumulated over several thousand years.
Location Crag Area
Befriended Pokémon None

Col Shades.png Description Colored glasses to help you have a roguish charm.
Location Cove Area; Krookodile, Krokorok
Befriended Pokémon None

Paddle Fans
Col Paddle Fans.png Description Items that make you feel cool for a while.
Location Crag Area
Befriended Pokémon None

Rotor Motors
Col Rotor Motors.png Description Energy converters that rotate as electricity runs through them.
Location Cove Area; Golett, Klinklang
Befriended Pokémon Misdreavus

Col Hardhats.png Description These light, hard helmets could withstand a Bouffalant Headbutt.
Location Tech Area
Befriended Pokémon None

Roof Tiles
Col Roof Tiles.png Description It's impressive if you can break these tiles with your bare hands.
Location Tech Area; Munchlax, Klink
Befriended Pokémon None

Col Meteorites.png Description They dropped from the sky. They are small, but very heavy.
Location Crag Area; Beartic, Garchomp, Hydreigon, Tyranitar
Befriended Pokémon None

Hero's Scarves
Col Heros Scarves.png Description Cool scarves that make you feel courageous.
Location Axew, Swadloon
Befriended Pokémon None

Joy Seeds
Col Joy Seeds.png Description Happiness is said to sprout from these mysterious seeds.
Location Arbor Area; Cottonee
Befriended Pokémon Bellossom

Col Spyscopes.png Description They help you to see far away and see too much.
Location Tech Area
Befriended Pokémon None

Bitter Roots
Col Bitter Roots.png Description Bitter, bitter roots that make you frown but still are good for you.
Location Crag Area; Swoobat, Throh, Hydreigon
Befriended Pokémon None

Healthy Greens
Col Healthy Greens.png Description Medicinal greens with a clean finish, good for health and beauty.
Location Arcane Area; Electivire
Befriended Pokémon None

Col Compasses.png Description Always pointing the same way, they are useful for adventure.
Location Tech Area; Staryu, Zoroark, Wailord
Befriended Pokémon None

Col Megaphones.png Description They amplify your voice. Yell at the top of your lungs.
Location Crag Area, Tech Area
Befriended Pokémon Hoppip

Held items

Oshawott playing a Phonograph

Held items are items that must be carried by hand, and cannot be stored in the menu screen. All held items can be found randomly inside blue question mark boxes, or bought from the Meowth that sell their wares in the various areas.

PP2 Plush.png A plush Cleffa doll adored by most Pokémon. Use it to allure shy Pokémon from running away. Mankey are known to hate this toy.

PP2 Stinkberry.png A foul smelling berry that sickens most Pokémon. However, it's Munchlax's favorite snack.

Cool Jewel
PP2 Cool Jewel.png A Gorgeous purple jewel that glistens in the sun. Most Pokémon are attracted by it, but none more so than Mawile.

Fragile Pot
PP2 Fragile Pot.png A ceramic pot that breaks if you don't handle it with care.

Colorful Ball
PP2 Colorful Ball.png A round inflatable ball that Pokémon love to play with. Throw it into a goal to score a point!

Surprise Box
PP2 Surprise Box.png A cheery box whose contents will blow you away!

PP2 Phonograph.png A phonograph that plays music. Many Pokémon enjoy the tunes and will gather around the player.

Important items

Important items are items that are key to progressing through the storyline.

Vast White Quill

"A white feather. It sparkles like light flickering"

There are 40 White Quills in the game. Take 20 of them to the Reshiram shrine in Arcane Area to meet with Reshiram.

Bravery Beard

"An impressive beard. Just looking at it makes you feel courageous."

An item necessary for entering the Crag Area Battle Tournament.

Deep Black Orb

A black orb that is said to be made of the hardest material ever. It would take the power of the wind, lightning, and land to break it.

Lightning Spike

An odd spike found inside the Deep Black Orb. Take it to the dais in Wish Palace to meet Zekrom.

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