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The following is a list of chapters from the Pocket Monsters HGSS manga created by 穴久保幸作 Kosaku Anakubo. Altogether, there are 23 chapters.

Volume 1

Japanese title Japanese title (translated)
PMHGSS01 ポケスロンに参戦!! Participate in the Pokéthlon!!
PMHGSS02 激突!伝説の2大ポケモン Clash! The Two Great Legendary Pokémon
PMHGSS03 爆笑まいこはん誕生!! Hilarious Dancing Girl Group Forms!!
PMHGSS04 伝説のポケモンをゲットせよ! Get the Legendary Pokémon!
PMHGSS05 すべてのバッジを手に入れろ! Let's Get all the Badges!
PMHGSS06 リニアでおでかけ! Start Out on the Magnet Train!
PMHGSS07 発見!?珍種ピッピ!! Discovery!? Rare Species of Pippi!!
PMHGSS08 極秘情報を守り抜け! Protect the Classified Information!
PMHGSS09 レッドに弟子入り Red's Apprenticeship
PMHGSS10 目指せ優勝!バルキー猛特訓 Aim for Victory! Balkie Training Extra Hard
PMHGSS11 テレビ買いかえ大作戦! Buying a Replacement TV: Serious Mission!
PMHGSS12 ピカチュウがしゃべる!? Pikachu Speaks!?

Volume 2

Japanese title Japanese title (translated)
PMHGSS13 大人気!!ブラック&ホワイトピッピ!? Very Popular!! Black & White Pippi!?
PMHGSS14 桜を探し出せ!! Seek Out the Cherry Blossom!!
PMHGSS15 ピィ、はじめてのお使い♪ Py's First Mission♪
PMHGSS16 ピッピのパソコン猛特訓!! Pippi Training Extra Hard on the Computer!
PMHGSS17 本物のワルはだれだ!? Who's the Real Villain!?
PMHGSS18 熱きラジオ体操攻防戦!! Hot Radio Calisthenics Battle!!
PMHGSS19 ピッピの自然教室!! Clefairy's Natural Classroom!!
PMHGSS20 博士たちの大研究!! Great Research of the Doctors!!
PMHGSS21 はちゃめちゃ料理バトル!! Nonsense Cooking Battle!!
PMHGSS22 バルキーのゴージャス生活!! Balkie's Gorgeous Livelihood
PMHGSS23 バルキー、故郷へ帰る!? Balkie, Returning Home!?

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