Levi's x Pokémon Collection

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Levi's × Pokémon Collection
ホーンテッドナイト ゴシック
Levi's x Pokémon promo.png
Release date February 15, 2021
Region Worldwide

The Levi's × Pokémon Collection is an apparel collection released February 15, 2021. It is a collaboration between Levi's and The Pokémon Company International for the Pokémon 25th Anniversary. The collection is largely based on the first series of the anime.

Available products

Product Japan United States Canada United Kingdom Eurozone Australia
Pokémon T-shirt ¥4,400
Pokémon Unisex Hoodie ¥9,900
Pokémon Unisex Crew T-shirt ¥8,800
Misty's Tank ¥3,300
Misty's Shorts ¥13,200
Pokémon Trucker Hat ¥3,850
Pikachu's Beanie
Vintage Fit Trucker Jacket
551®Z Authentic Straight Jeans
Gym Bag
Poké Ball Bag
Clip Bag


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