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リア Lia
Gender Female
Eye color Blue
Hair color Blonde
Hometown Unknown
Region Unknown
Generation VIII
Games Pokémon Café Mix

Leah (Japanese: リア Lia) is a character in Pokémon Café Mix. She is one of the player's employees at the Pokémon Café, purchasing items to add to the café.


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"Good morning! I'm Leah, and I'll be working with you starting today. You must be the owner. And your name is...?"
"Right—[player]! Nice to meet you!"
"Good morning to you too, Eevee! You're going to help us out as well? Great!"
"First things first—we need to prepare for the grand opening. Let's head to the kitchen!"
  • Order #1
"Why don't we whip something up and make sure that our tools are working correctly?"
"These icons represent the motivation of Eevee and the other Pokémon that will be helping you out. Try linking these [Eevee icon] to get everyone excited to pitch in on the order!"
"That's it! Perfect! Note that every time you grab and release an icon, the move count will go down."
"You'll get help from various Pokémon while you're completing an order. Let's ask Eevee to be the leader for now!"
  • After completing Order #1
"Your very first caffé latte! Isn't this exciting? Why don't we have Eevee do the honors and taste it?"
"Looks like Eevee enjoyed that. Great! Ok, we're all set! All we need are some customers..."
  • First visit
"Look, [player]! It's a Charmander! Perhaps it wants to check out the caffé latte you just made."
"Hehe, who would've guessed that a Charmander would be our first customer? Let's make this delightful customer feel welcome, [player]!"
  • Order #2
"Here's another tip: Pokémon can use these things called Café Skills! Eevee, can I ask you to demonstrate?"
"To use a Café Skill, you need to fill up this gauge. The gauge can be filled by linking lots of Pokémon icons to get your Pokémon helpers fired up!"
"A Café Skill icon appeared! Nice work! To activate a Café Skill, grab its icon, then release it at the desired position."
  • After completing Order #2
"Great, Charmander is satisfied! With Eevee's help, it looks like you can make things that even Pokémon love!"
"Oh, golden acorns! These are very valuable. Perhaps it's a thank-you for the caffé latte... Charmander, are you sure?"
"Thank you, Charmander! This feels like a friendship in the making!"
"Oh, look! Our next customer is a curious Minccino! Maybe it saw Charmander and decided to check out the café."
  • Order #3
"All right, I'll cheer you on using my megaphone!"
  • After completing Order #3
"Minccino seems satisfied as well!"
"Oh, and here's the Charmander that came by earlier! Maybe it wants another cup? Just a moment, please!"
  • Order #4
"You can combine two Café Skill icons to make them into one powered-up Café Skill icon! [player], let's try it out!"
"A Café Skill icon appeared. To make the Café Skill stronger, try filling the Café Skill gauge again!"
"Now you have two Café Skill icons. Combine the two icons to turn them into on powered-up Café Skill icon! The skill will activate when you release after combining the icons, so be careful!"
  • After completing Order #4
"Wow! There's already a line forming in front of the café! All the customers are Pokémon, but I'm so happy that the café is a huge success! All right! Let's keep our customers happy by fulfilling their orders."
When tapped
"Double-tap on the screen if you just want to look at the café."
"Thanks for all the hard work, [player]!"
"I really can't wait to see how the café continues to grow!"
"Let's get ready to fulfill the next order that comes in!"


Language Name Origin
Japanese リア Lia
English, German Leah Similar to her Japanese name
Spanish Laia Similar to her Japanese name
French Léa Similar to her Japanese name
Italian Lia Same as her Japanese name
Korean 리아 Lia Transcription of her Japanese name
Chinese (Mandarin) 莉亞 Lìyà Transcription of her Japanese name
Chinese (Cantonese) 莉亞 Leih'a

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