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Is It Summer? (Japanese: 夏でSUKA? Natsu deSUKA?) is a song whose vocals are performed by Grin, with instrumentals by the band Asakusa Jinta for use in the Japanese version of Dialga vs. Palkia vs. Darkrai. It is the last song used in the movie during the annual Illustration Contest presentation. The movie version is featured in the movie, and on the soundtrack. There is also a full version that has appeared on various websites and was included as a track on the Together 2007 single. It was recorded in summer 2007.[1]


Japanese English
いっしょに うたおう
みんなで おどろう

ありがとう そして これからも
ずうっと 友達だよ Hi Hi ヨロシクね

ジリジリ常夏 ココナッツ
ジャマイカ 甘いか スルメイカ?
目覚ましよりも 早く起きちゃう
だって短い 夏休み

どうする? あれする? なにをする?
朝から晩まで お祭りだ

イケイケどんどん ネギトロドン
牛丼・天丼 ハラペコだ~!!

汗かき かけっこ 丘の上
すりむき にじんだ ひざこぞう
涙いっぱい だけど泣かない
ちょっぴりしょっぱい 傷のあと

チチン・プイプイ あら不思議
痛いの痛いの どんでいけー!!

君が 少し 笑った
僕も いっしょに 笑った

夏の夕暮れ 茜色
長く伸びた影に バイバイ またあした

アイムソーリー ヒゲソーリー
あんなにケンカした すぐ後で
やっぱ淋しい すごく気になる
すぐに会いたいの なぜだろう?

言っちゃえ 言っちゃえ 謝っちゃえ
素直に ペコリン ごめんなさい

君が ニッコリ 笑った
僕も ニッコリ 笑った

夏の青空 輝いて
入道雲 グングン のびていく

クシャクシャ笑顔 忘れない
いまも 10年後もきっと
もっともっと もっとまぶしいよ
Let's sing together!
Let's all dance!

Thank you, and from now on
We'll always be friends, hi! Hi! Nice to meet you!

A scorching everlasting summer, coconuts
Jamaica, is it sweet, flying squid?
We wake up before our alarm clocks even go off
Because it's our short summer vacation!

What to do? Should we do that? What should we do?
It's a festival from morning 'til night!

Sally forth! Negitorodon
Gyuudon, tendon, I'm starving~!!

Sweating hard as we race to the top of the hill
A scrape spreads across your knee
There are lots of tears, but don't cry
The scar only stings a tiny bit

Abrakadabra, oh, how strange!
Ouchie, ouchie, fly away~!!

You give a small laugh
And I laugh along with you!

The summer's sunset is a deep red
Bye-bye to our lengthening shadows, we'll see you tomorrow!

"I'm sorry, well,
your mom is sorry"
Saying something like that right after a fight
It sure is lonely, it's weighing heavily on my mind
I wonder why I want to see you right away?

Say it, say it, apologize!
Earnestly bow and say, "I'm sorry!"

You crack a grin
And I crack a grin too!

The blue summer sky is shining bright
The columns of clouds steadily growing

I won't forget your disheveled smile
Now, and even in ten years, I'm sure
It will be more, and more, and even more brilliant


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