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A Mischievous Wartortle
Mischievous Kameil
Collected in Vol. 1
Chapter number 5
Manga series Pokémon Gotta Catch 'Em All
Previous Chapter The Raining Crystal Ball
Next Chapter The Challenge at Celadon University!

A Mischievous Wartortle (Japanese: いたずらカメール Mischievous Kameil) is the fifth chapter of the Pokémon Gotta Catch 'Em All manga.


Shu and Pikachu have arrived at the beach, where they find a group of kids beating up a Wartortle. Shu tells them to knock it off, although they reply that it's been causing trouble for people and that it deserves this, Shu insists they leave it alone. The other kids reluctantly comply, telling Shu that an outsider couldn't possibly understand the situation. As Shu picks up the Wartortle to comfort it, it lets off a massive blast of water sending them blasting off into the distance. As Shu and Wartortle come to a crash landing on a small island, Shu is attacked with a Water Gun by the laughing Wartortle. He tells Wartortle that it'll pay for that and he calls upon Pikachu. Only to realize that Pikachu was still on the mainland with the rest of his stuff. He chases after the Wartortle, before running right off a cliff, barely getting his hand to grasp onto a ledge. However, he is still helpless for the moment until Pikachu turns up, along with all his stuff. Finally getting himself geared up, he uses his Pokémon to weaken the Wartortle before catching it. Just after accomplishing this, the island begins to move... It's actually a giant Blastoise! Blastoise is glad that Wartortle finally has its own Trainer as for a while it has desired to travel with humans and it decides to take Shu and Pikachu back to shore.

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