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Forretress Donk
017120 P FORETOSU.jpg
Forretress and Blastoise
Types used Water
Major cards Forretress and Blastoise
Era Unlimited

Forretress Donk is a deck archetype in the Pokémon Trading Card Game using Forretress. It uses the Unlimited format.


A less consistent version of this deck was played during the Diamond Pearl era using Secret Wonders Blastoise. Its Waterlog Poké-Power provided the Energy attachment for Forretress. This older version lacked the unlimited Energy attachment, required more Energy cards, and lacked the unlimited healing ability of Forretress Donk. The release of Emboar allowed the creation of Forretress Donk. Blastoise of Boundaries Crossed and Magnezone of BREAKthrough provide alternate Energy attachment.


Forretress Donk is designed to win on the very first turn of the game (a Donk City); capable of taking all prize cards or Knocking-Out all of the opponent's Pokémon on the first turn.

The ideal start would be Sableye; its Overearger Poké-Body allows the player to go first. Using the various Trainer cards, the player would want to set up a Blastoise (the player may use Emboar or Magnezone instead), Espeon, and Shuckle.

The deck utilizes a draw engine that allows the player to draw all cards of his or her deck with a single Energy card. The Abilities of Blastoise, Emboar, or Magnezone allow the player to attach, as often as they like, Energy cards of the respective type. The Energy is attached to Shuckle; its Fermenting Liquid Poké-Body lets the player draw a card every time an Energy card is attached to it. Espeon's Energy Return Poké-Power allows the player to return those Energy cards to the hand. This establishes an infinite loop of drawing with Shuckle.

After drawing the needed cards, the next step would be to get out Forretress and Leafeon. The Energy would be attached to Forretress instead of Shuckle. Forretress's Iron Shell Poké-Body has the player flip a coin every time an Energy card is attached to it; tails places 2 damage counters on all Pokémon (excluding any Forretress). The damage to Blastoise, Espeon, and Leafeon can be continuously healed with Leafeon's Poké-Body.

Key cards

  • Forretress - Its Iron Shell Poké-Body is activated when the player attaches an Energy card to it. The player flips a coin, if it is tails place 2 damage counters on all Pokémon (excluding any Forretress).
  • Blastoise - Its Deluge Ability lets the play attach Water Energy Cards as often as they like during their turn.
  • Espeon - Its Poké-Power is used to return Energy cards attached to Shuckle, Forretress, and Leafeon; allowing an infinite loop of each one's Poké-Body.
  • Eevee - This is the best Eevee to use. It's Pokémon Power Chain Reaction forces the Eevee to evolve from the deck when the player evolves one of the other Pokémon. This effectively allows the player to use search resources in other Pokémon.
  • Shuckle - Primary draw power of the deck. By attachment of Energy to Shuckle, the player will be able to draw their whole deck and have all resources available (note: you only lose if you cannot draw at the beginning of your turn).
  • Leafeon - When it is the Active Pokémon, it's Energy Refresh Poké-Body allows the healing of all of the player's Pokémon when an Energy card is attached to Leafeon.
  • Uxie - It's Set Up Poké-Power allows the player to draw cards until they have seven cards in their hand.
  • Professor Oak - Essentially a souped-up Set Up.
  • Broken Time-Space - Allows the player to evolve Pokémon on the same turn they are played; this also allows evolution on the first turn.

Typical deck list

The deck list appearing below is not official; it is meant to represent an average build of the archetype, not specifically constructed for any regional metagame. Being that this is merely an archetype, a player may wish to change any part of this deck when building his or her own version.

Quantity Card Type Rarity
Porygon Colorless Common
Porygon2 Colorless Uncommon
Shuckle Fighting
Eevee Colorless
Espeon Psychic Rare
Leafeon Grass Uncommon
Squirtle Water Common
Wartortle Water Uncommon
Blastoise Water Rare
Pineco Grass Common
Forretress Metal Rare
Sableye Darkness Uncommon
Uxie Psychic Rare
Azelf Psychic Rare
Regice Water Rare
Rattata Colorless Common
Pokémon Collector Su Uncommon
Oracle Su Uncommon
Lysandre's Trump Card Su Uncommon
Broken Time-Space St Uncommon
Item Finder T Rare
Computer Search T Rare
Professor Oak T Uncommon
Scoop Up T Rare
Erika T Rare Holo
Luxury Ball T Uncommon
Secret Mission T Uncommon
Warp Point T Uncommon
Water Energy Water E

Variable tech cards

These are cards that may or may not be in the deck build depending on the player's style:

  • Healing Scarf - An alternative healing method to Leafeon.
  • Mr. Fuji - Allows the player to shuffle a Benched Pokémon into the deck. This is useful for making more room on the Bench.
  • Swoop! Teleporter - Switches a Basic Pokémon in play with a Basic Pokémon in the deck.


Forretress Donk uses the Unlimited Format; therefore, it is not tournament legal. It is played at home, in unsanctioned tournaments, and at leagues where permitted.

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