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Dogasu's Backpack
Language English
Status Active
Run 2000 - Present
Date opened January 31, 2000
Creator Dogasu
Current owner {{{owner}}}
Mascot Koffing
Website Main page

Dogasu's Backpack is an English-language fan site, self-described as "your guide for the Japanese version of Pokémon". It is most well known for its comparisons of the Japanese and English versions of the Pokémon anime. The site also contains summary guides for several popular Pokémon manga titles as well as CD and DVD guides and listings. It is one of the oldest English-language fan sites around, dating back to January 31, 2000. It is owned by Dogasu, who was formerly the head of anime at the Bulbagarden Forums.

The website's name and mascot originate from James's Koffing, which is favored by Dogasu because it is "obscure and unloved". Contrasting the majority of modern Pokémon fan sites, Dogasu's Backpack employs no staff. All site updates are made by Dogasu, although some members of the fandom have contributed in the past. Dogasu's Backpack is hosted by Bulbagarden and is a close affiliate.


Dogasu's Backpack was first opened on January 31, 2000, under the name Dogasu's English-Japanese Pokémon Page. The website started off as a small Geocities page, eventually moving to other free web space providers such as and Terrashare before finally moving to Bulbagarden's domain in late 2000. The site's main features remain unchanged to this day, although the quality of Dogasu's episode comparisons have improved. Dogasu is currently rewriting some of his oldest episode comparisons.


Main Page

Site updates and general Pokémon news are contained here in a blog-style format. The main page content is usually archived at the beginning of each month. Relevant contact details and external links to the website's Twitter page and Dailymotion account, as well as its discussion thread on Bulbagarden Forums, are also included here for convenience.


Dogasu's Backpack features lists including:

  • List of Pokémon
  • Pokémon World Atlas
  • List of Techniques
  • List of Items
  • List of Anime Episodes

Although most of these lists are up-to-date, the list of items and techniques have not been updated since Generation II and III, respectively. The List of Anime Episodes is the most up-to-date list, with Japanese and dub episode names added soon after their revelation.


Arguably the most informative section of the site, it features several guides made by Dogasu which cover a wide range of various Poké-media. This section includes the popular episode comparisons of the dubbed and Japanese editions of the Pokémon anime, with each review covering all the major differences between the two versions. This section also includes Movies and Specials guides which feature a synopsis and various cast and box office performance information of each Pokémon movie to date. Most of the TV Specials are also included within this section of the site, some of which only aired in Japan such as the Pikachu shorts.

This section includes both CD and DVD guides, which give a detailed breakdown of all the different Pokémon CDs and DVDs produced both in Japan and internationally. Neither of these guides are complete. Similarly, a Voice Actors guide is included which lists all the Japanese and English voice actors and includes interviews with Veronica Taylor and Leah Applebaum. This section hasn't been updated since the voice actor switchover, however, and Dogasu plans to update it along with a "major revamp in the future". An up-to-date lyrics archive is also kept in this section, with lyrics of each Japanese opening included along with Dogasu's own translation of these lyrics.

Perhaps more outdated than other sections of the site is the manga guide, which includes information on each Pokémon manga series released in Japan and America. While Dogasu claims that "some pages are admittedly weak and not all that useful", he intends to update this area of the website in the future. A Video Game guide is also included in this section, which keeps an up-to-date list of all Pokémon games released. Each game listed is accompanied by its release date as well as a basic overview, any international changes and trivia.


Possibly the most casual section of the site, it features several sections including:

  • Humor
  • Pokémon Bashing
  • Features
  • Rants


The Recycled Gentleman from Time Warp Heals All Wounds

Episode comparisons

The website's episode comparisons are its most distinctive feature. Intended for people who are unfamiliar with the Japanese version of the Pokémon anime, Dogasu's write-ups usually cover all the changes and edits made by 4Kids and more recently TPCi in the dubbed version. These usually emphasize the amount of music, dialog and paint edits made by the dubbing companies. Dogasu's opinion is usually in favor of the Japanese version.

Episode comparisons have been completed for almost every series of the anime, with the exception of Pokémon: Adventures in the Orange Islands and Pokémon the Series: Diamond and Pearl. In addition, Dogasu will regularly revamp comparisons of the original series. The website also features comparisons for the movies and TV specials (such as The Legend of Thunder!), the former of which are usually updated shortly after the movie's North American premiere. Any variations on Team Rocket's motto are also included in the episode comparison they were featured in.

Recycled characters

As part of a joint effort with several members of the Bulbagarden community, the website features a list of background characters who have recurring appearances in the Pokémon anime. Some of these characters appear as early as Electric Shock Showdown, but make later appearances in episodes as recent as What I Did for Love!. Despite being a popular feature, this section of the website is not updated frequently.

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