Computer Error (Wizards Promo 16)

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Trainer Rocket's Secret Machine
Computer Error
パソコン大暴走! The Computer's Out of Control!
Illus. Sumiyoshi Kizuki
English expansion Wizards Black Star Promos
English card no. 16
Japanese expansion Unnumbered Promotional cards
Card GB 2 set Promotion Card
Card GB 2 ID P44

Computer Error (Japanese: パソコン大暴走! The Computer's Out of Control!) is a Rocket's Secret Machine card. It is one of the Wizards Black Star Promos.

Card text

All prints
AceSpec.png You can't have more than 1 ACE SPEC card in your deck.
Team Plasma
Team Plasma
AceSpec.png You can't have more than 1 ACE SPEC card in your deck.
Team Flare TCG logo.png FLARE
You can't have more than 1 Prism Star card with the same name in your deck. If a Prism Star card would go to the discard pile, put it in the Lost Zone instead.
You may draw up to 5 cards, then your opponent may draw up to 5 cards. Your turn is over now (you don't get to attack).
Do Nothing  
At the beginning of your turn, flip a coin. If heads, you can do nothing during your turn. If tails, your opponent can do nothing during his or her next turn.

Release information

This card was released as a promotional card. In Japan, it was available as an insert with the January 1998 issue of CoroCoro Comic. It was later reprinted and given to participants of the Kamex Mega Battle regional tournaments, which ran from July to August 1998. It was reprinted again as one of a selection of cards included in the Pokémon Song Best Collection CD, released on January 1, 1999. The English version was available through the Pokémon League in May 2000.


  • All Japanese versions feature the Team Rocket expansion symbol, indicating that it is a promotional addition to the Japanese set. The prints released via CoroCoro and the Pokémon Song Best Collection have an 'R' symbol with a red drop shadow and are printed on glossy card stock, whereas the 'R' on the Kamex Mega Battle participation print has a white drop shadow and is printed on non-glossy card stock.
  • This card has essentially the same effect as Master's Scroll from the L-P Promotional cards, but with the option of drawing up to 5 cards.


This card may be a reference to the plot of Jessie, James, and Meowth in EP038, where they attempted to steal Pokémon by directly hacking into the PC system of a Pokémon Center; or to the many glitches, such as the Hall of Fame glitch, which occur in Pokémon Red, Green, and Blue due to the capture of MissingNo..

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