Clefable (Furious Fists 71)

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ピクシー Pixy
Illus. Atsuko Nishida
Evolution stage
Stage 1 Pokémon
Evolves from Clefairy
Card name Clefable
Type Fairy
HP 90
retreat cost
English expansion Furious Fists
Rarity Uncommon
English card no. 71/111
Japanese expansion Rising Fist
Japanese rarity C
Japanese card no. 066/096
Deck Kit XY Trainer Kit: Bisharp & Wigglytuff
Half Deck Wigglytuff Half Deck
English card no. 16/30
Deck Kit XY Trainer Kit: Bisharp & Wigglytuff
Half Deck Wigglytuff Half Deck
English card no. 28/30
English expansion Generations
Rarity Uncommon
English card no. 51/83
Japanese expansion BREAK Starter Pack
Japanese card no. 040/072
For more information on this Pokémon's species, see Clefable.

Clefable (Japanese: ピクシー Pixy) is a Fairy-type Stage 1 Pokémon card. It was first released as part of the Furious Fists expansion.

Card text

Colorless Follow Me
Switch 1 of your opponent's Benched Pokémon with your opponent's Active Pokémon.
FairyColorless Moonblast
During your opponent's next turn, any damage done by attacks from the Defending Pokémon is reduced by 30 (before applying Weakness and Resistance).

Pokédex data

Clefable - Fairy Pokémon
No. Height Weight
036 4'03" (1.3 m) 88.2 lbs. (40.0 kg)
Pokédex entry
Its hearing is so acute it can hear a pin drop over half a mile away. It lives on quiet mountains.
1キロさきで おちた ハリの おとも ききわけられる すぐれた みみを もつ。 しずかな やまおくに すんでいる。

Release information

This card was included in the English Furious Fists expansion, first released in the Japanese Rising Fist expansion. It was later reprinted in the English Wigglytuff Half Deck of the XY Trainer Kit: Bisharp & Wigglytuff, the English Generations expansion, and the Japanese BREAK Starter Pack.



Follow Me and Moonblast are both moves in the Pokémon games that Clefable can learn. This card's Pokédex entry comes from Pokémon X.

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