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Project ItemDex To-do list

  1. Pokémon Conquest
    1. Add missing information about description, effect, Japanese names, and Japanese descriptions for items in the Pokémon Conquest game.
    2. Add the missing items for the Pokémon Conquest game to their respective pages.
  2. Pokémon Mystery Dungeon series
    1. Add the missing items and materials that are used to build Pokémon Paradise on the Pokémon Paradise page. Also add the missing facilities and land that can be purchased.
    2. Add the missing items and floor numbers to all of the dungeon pages.
    3. Add the missing effects for items exclusive to Gates to Infinity.
    4. Add the missing sell and buy prices for the items from all of the Mystery Dungeon games.
  3. Core series
    1. Add any missing descriptions, prices, and locations for the items in any new core series releases.
    2. Add any missing items to the location pages in any new core series releases.