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Bulbasaur on PC.
Bulbasaur on mobile.

Mobile March is Bulbapedia's first improvement drive of 2015, spanning from March 8th to April 4th. Focused on the mobile optimization of templates that are regularly viewed via mobile platforms.


This drive's goal is to compile a list of templates needing priority mobile optimization. Templates that do not display correctly via mobile platforms, most importantly those that have significant issues displaying information in a coherent format.

How can I help?

Helping out is extremely easy, as long as you have a mobile device and often use it to browse Bulbapedia. All that we need is for some simple information, and a screenshot of the template(s) in question.

What do you need to know?

1. Title of the article (or article type).

  • Some templates are used on a number of articles, and some even look different depending on the article they're used on. Knowing which article, or article type, the problem exists on allows us to prioritize on the issues that you've seen!

2. Which mobile device, operating system version, and browser you're using.

  • As there are several different mobile devices, multiple mobile operating systems, and a lot of mobile browsers, it's very important to know this information in case the issue happens to be localized to a specific software factor.

3. Description of which templates are causing viewing problems.

  • We need to know what template, or templates, are having issues on the article(s) you're viewing. We also need a basic description of what the specific issue is.

4. Screenshot(s) of the template(s).

  • To best allow us to diagnose the problem, screenshots of the issue allow us to view exactly what you're viewing.

Where do I send a submission?

We have a number of submission options at your disposal. However, please only use one of the submission options to send us your report.

Submissions can be sent to us via: