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Size comparison of a Box Topper Venusaur (right) with a regular card.

A Box Topper is a special card included inside sealed booster boxes as an incentive for buying an entire box of booster packs. They were first introduced in the Legendary Collection, where they were oversized, reverse-holographic versions of a card from within the set. The first Box Toppers measured 126.5 × 90.0 mm, compared with Regular cards measuring 87.0 × 63.0 mm and Jumbo cards at 205.5 × 145.5 mm. Starting in EX Team Magma vs Team Aqua, Box Toppers became Regular sized cards with a design unique to the set. These Regular size Toppers (along with the secret insert cards, such as Celebi ex in EX Unseen Forces) have a set number which exceeds the size of the set (e.g. "98/97") and always have a Rare Holo rarity. The inclusion of Box Toppers ceased after the release of EX Holon Phantoms, with some of the booster pack boxes containing a figurine of a Pokémon instead.

Card lists

Oversized cards

Box Toppers (Legendary Collection)
SetSymbolLegendary Collection.png
No. Image Card name Type
S1/S4 TCG2 A01 Bulbasaur.png Charizard Fire Promotion
S2/S4 TCG2 A01 Bulbasaur.png Dark Blastoise Water Promotion
S3/S4 TCG2 A01 Bulbasaur.png Dark Raichu Lightning Promotion
S4/S4 TCG2 A01 Bulbasaur.png Mewtwo Psychic Promotion

Box Toppers (e-Card series)
SetSymbolBox Toppers.png
No. Image Card name Type Promotion
01/12 TCG2 A01 Bulbasaur.png Alakazam Psychic Expedition Base Set booster box
02/12 TCG2 A01 Bulbasaur.png Feraligatr Water Expedition Base Set booster box
03/12 TCG2 A01 Bulbasaur.png Tyranitar Darkness Expedition Base Set booster box
04/12 TCG2 A01 Bulbasaur.png Venusaur Grass Expedition Base Set booster box
05/12 TCG2 A01 Bulbasaur.png Entei Fire Aquapolis booster box
06/12 TCG2 A01 Bulbasaur.png Espeon Psychic Aquapolis booster box
07/12 TCG2 A01 Bulbasaur.png Scizor Metal Aquapolis booster box
08/12 TCG2 A01 Bulbasaur.png Suicune Water Aquapolis booster box
09/12 TCG2 A01 Bulbasaur.png Charizard Colorless Skyridge booster box
10/12 TCG2 A01 Bulbasaur.png Crobat Colorless Skyridge booster box
11/12 TCG2 A01 Bulbasaur.png Ho-Oh Colorless Skyridge booster box
12/12 TCG2 A01 Bulbasaur.png Kabutops Colorless Skyridge booster box

Regular cards

EX Series
No. Image Card name Type Promotion
96/95 TCG2 A01 Bulbasaur.png Absol Darkness EX Team Magma vs Team Aqua booster box
102/101 TCG2 A01 Bulbasaur.png Groudon Fighting EX Hidden Legends booster box
113/112 TCG2 A01 Bulbasaur.png Charmander Fire EX FireRed & LeafGreen booster box
110/109 TCG2 A01 Bulbasaur.png Charmeleon Fire EX Team Rocket Returns booster box
108/107 TCG2 A01 Bulbasaur.png Rocket's Raikou ex Darkness EX Deoxys booster box
107/106 TCG2 A01 Bulbasaur.png Farfetch'd Colorless EX Emerald booster box
116/115 TCG2 A01 Bulbasaur.png Rocket's Persian ex Darkness EX Unseen Forces booster box
114/113 TCG2 A01 Bulbasaur.png Azumarill Water EX Delta Species booster box
93/92 TCG2 A01 Bulbasaur.png Pikachu δ Metal EX Legend Maker booster box
111/110 TCG2 A01 Bulbasaur.png Mew Psychic EX Holon Phantoms booster box


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