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Vs. Mewtwo

After compeleting both the Stadium mode and the Gym Leader's Castle, a silhouette of Mewtwo will appear above the Stadium. Mewtwo plays under the "Anything Goes" freestyle rules. He will have infinite PP for his moves.

After defeating Mewtwo, the credits will play and a second round will begin, where the Gym Leader Castle and Stadium modes will have different and more difficult teams. Information for the second rounds of the Gym Leader Castle and Stadium modes will be in sections five and six of this walkthrough.

After compelting the Gym Leader Castle and Stadium mode's second rounds, you will challenge the second round of vs. Mewtwo. Like before, Mewtwo plays under the "Anything Goes" freestyle rules and will have infinite PP.

Kids' Club

Kid's Club main screen

This park houses 9 different mini-games for One to Four players. They can be played freely or in a "Who's the Champion?" mode where the first player to accumulate a certain number of wins is declared the champ. Any slots not used by players will be filled in by the computer, with Easy, Normal and Hard difficulty levels available. The secret Hyper difficulty can be unlocked by winning five Champion matches in a row on Hard.

  • Clefairy Says: A Clefairy teacher will write increasingly tricky arrow patterns on a chalkboard. They must be repeated back. Last player standing wins.
    Controls: Control Pad to repeat the pattern.
  • Dig! Dig! Dig!: As Sandshrew, players need to dig to the underground well before the others.
    Controls: Tap L and R alternatively to dig.
  • Ekans Hoop Hurl: In 60 seconds, players must toss as many Ekans around as many Diglett as they can. Gold Diglett are worth extra points.
    Controls: Control Pad Left/Right to aim and Up/Down to adjust the angle, Control Stick Down to throw.
  • Magikarp Splash: Magikarp must Splash high enough to hit the button at the top of the screen as many times as it can.
    Controls: A to Splash/Jump.
  • Rock Harden: As either Metapod or Kakuna, players must use Harden at the right time to avoid taking damage from the incoming rocks. Using Harden also depletes stamina as well so it must be used carefully. Last player standing wins.
    Controls: A to Harden.
  • Run, Rattata, Run: Rattata needs to avoid obstacles as it runs on a treadmill to reach the finish line.
    Controls: A (repeatedly) to run, Control Pad Up to jump.
  • Snore War: Drowzee must use Hypnosis when the pendulum hits the center of its swing to put the other Drowzee to sleep. Last one left awake wins.
    Controls: A for Hypnosis.
  • Sushi-Go-Round: Lickitung must eat as many foods as it can from the circular table of rotating plates, so as to run up a high bill. There are several types of food, each worth a different price; certain foods are spicier than others, which can slow Lickitung down. The player that racks up the most expensive bill when time is up wins.
    Controls: Control Stick to Move, A to eat.
  • Thundering Dynamo: As either Pikachu or Voltorb, players need to press the button corresponding to the lightbulb's color to charge up electricity. The player who is fully charged first wins.
    Controls: Mash A or B to charge.

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