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Description: "This course used to be a power plant run by people, but it's been long abandoned. The Pokémon you'll find here are mostly Electric-type like Electabuzz and Electrode."

This is the second course in the game, unlocked by taking pictures of six different Pokémon in the Beach.

Secret Sign: Pinsir Shadow

Pokémon Available

This is a list of Pokémon you can take pictures of.

Pokémon Description Pokémon Description
Electrode Electrode Found outside and inside the tunnel. Electrode do not respond to anything, unless they are standing still and are hit by an item, in which case they use Explosion. Causing the Electrode near the end of the tunnel to explode will open a new area of the island for Snap to explore. Electabuzz Electabuzz Found multiple times before and within the tunnel. The Dash Engine lets Snap get ahead of them to snap a front-side photograph. A Pester Ball will cause it to fall and temporarily block the ZERO-ONE's path.
Pikachu Pikachu Before entering the tunnel, a Pikachu appears; photographing it a few times will cause it to run to an Electrode and hop on top of it, making for a decent scoring picture. This Pokémon also is found near an enormous Pokémon Egg within the tunnel. Leading it to the egg with Pokémon food followed by a Thunderbolt-inducing Poké Flute melody causes the Pikachu to attack the egg, hatching it. A third Pikachu appears near the second Haunter, playing with a Diglett. Kakuna Kakuna A group of Kakuna dangle from the opening of the tunnel. They drop down whenever Electrode explode. The Dash Engine may be used to get close to one.
Zapdos Zapdos The giant egg, when hatched by Pikachu's Thunderbolt attack, releases Zapdos. It will fly to a generator and begin attacking it, bringing the rest of the power plant to life. Magikarp Magikarp After passing by Zapdos's egg, a small pond within the tunnel is home to Magikarp. Tossing an item into the deep pond can entice a Magikarp to leap from the water.
Zubat Zubat Midway through the tunnel, there are two metal doors that divide the tunnel into thirds. Each time one of these doors opens to let the ZERO-ONE pass, a Zubat flies through. Haunter Haunter Just past where Zapdos hatches, an odd purple sphere is moving around. Another one can be found near where Pikachu and Diglett play. If photographed, the developed photos will reveal the orbs to be Haunter.
Diglett Diglett Near the end of the tunnel, a Pikachu is found playing with Diglett. Dugtrio Dugtrio Taking a photo of Diglett will send Pikachu off to play with another. Photographing the next Diglett the Pikachu finds repeats the process, until the Pikachu comes across a Dugtrio. Take another picture to make another Dugtrio appear, and again for three Dugtrio to raise out of the ground.
Magnemite Magnemite At the tunnel's end are a trio of Magnemite. Each Magnemite emits a Supersonic which distorts the photo, but distracting them with Pokémon food causes these Pokémon to lower their guard. Magneton Magneton Luring all three Magnemite near one another with Pokémon food causes them to fuse into a Magneton. It no longer uses Supersonic after evolving, making it relatively easier to get a picture of it.

Special Shots

Pikachu on a Ball

Before you enter the Power Plant, you'll see a Pikachu. Taking a picture of it will cause it to run away. When it stops, take another picture of it which will make it run even further. Another picture will make it run further, and it hops on a rolling Electrode. The Pikachu will stay on top of the Electrode until it hits a wall and explodes. Taking a picture of it on Electrode will give you 600 points.

To Unlock the Third Course

To unlock the second course, go near the Magnemite at the end of the cave. There will be an Electrode there. Throw an Apple to make it explode, opening up a new passage. The passage leads to another course, called the Volcano!

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