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The Ruby Field

Field Features

Catch 'EM Mode

Catch 'Em Mode can be activated by sending the ball through the right loop twice, lighting up two Catch 'Em arrows, then sending the ball into Sharpedo's mouth. Some Pokémon will only appear when all 3 Catch 'Em arrows are lit, however. Also, there are special Pokémon one can catch in Catch 'Em mode.

Egg Mode

Hitting Cyndaquil three times will push it into the Egg Stand and start heating the Egg. Hitting it once more will make the Egg hatch. Afterwards, sending the ball into the Egg stand again will lead to Aerodactyl or Totodile replacing the Egg.

Pokémon Mart/EVO Mode

The Ruby Field shop can be found up the ramp at the top-right of the field. Sending the ball up the ramp once will open the door and grant access for one visit, after which the door will close. Sending the ball through the left loop three times will make entering the shop activate EVO mode. Gloom will only evolve into Vileplume on this field, and will only evolve into Bellossom on the Sapphire Field.

Travel Mode

Hitting the button in front of Chikorita will start a Razor Leaf that makes the two Linoone poke their heads out. Hitting the Linoone on the left will make a Gulpin appear. Travel Mode will start as soon as three Gulpin are on the field.

The field order is Forest ←→ Volcano ←→ Plains ←→ Ocean ←→ Safari Zone ←→ Cave ←→ Forest. After visiting six areas, the next area will be the Ruins.

Bonus Stages

The first Bonus Stage focuses on Kecleon. The next stage is a battle against Groudon. After Groudon has been beaten twice, the next bonus stage will be against Rayquaza and it will then be added to the circuit of Bonus Stages.

The Sealeo Bonus Stage can be reached through the help of Whiscash.

More information on the Bonus Stages can be found in the Bonus Stage section of the walkthrough.

Unique features

There is a Ball Upgrade in plain sight. It can be reached by punching the ball with Makuhita, which changes its stance each time the Linoone on the right is hit. The first two punches will push Nuzleaf back, making a bridge to access the Upgrade on the third time. The Upgrade will occasionally be replaced with an extra ball.

The formation switch, located between Cyndaquil and the Pokémon bumpers, will change the formation of said bumpers. The Chinchou float in place or move around. Sometimes two Chinchou will disappear and sometimes they will be replaced by Lotad or Whiscash.

Areas and Catch 'em Pokémon

These are the Pokémon that can be encountered in through Catch 'em Mode. The Catch 'em Arrow value is the minimal number of Catch 'em arrows that need to be lit to encounter that Pokémon.

Pinball Ruby Forest.png Forest

Pokémon Catch 'em Arrows
PinRS263.png Zigzagoon 2
PinRS266.png Silcoon 2
PinRS268.png Cascoon 2
PinRS287.png Slakoth 2
PinRS315.png Roselia 2
PinRS355.png Duskull 2
PinRS252.png Treecko 3
PinRS290.png Nincada 3

Pinball Ruby Volcano.png Volcano

Pokémon Catch 'em Arrows
PinRS322.png Numel 2
PinRS109.png Koffing 2
PinRS324.png Torkoal 2
PinRS037.png Vulpix 2
PinRS255.png Torchic 3
PinRS218.png Slugma 3
PinRS227.png Skarmory 3

Pinball Ruby Plains.png Plains

Pokémon Catch 'em Arrows
PinRS274.png Nuzleaf 2
PinRS276.png Taillow 2
PinRS309.png Electrike 2
PinRS081.png Magnemite 2
PinRS314.png Illumise 2
PinRS315.png Roselia 2
PinRS039.png Jigglypuff 2
PinRS261.png Poochyena 3
PinRS100.png Voltorb 3
PinRS335.png Zangoose 3
PinRS351.png Castform 3
PinRS352.png Kecleon 3

Pinball Ruby Ocean.png Ocean

Pokémon Catch 'em Arrows
PinRS278.png Wingull 2
PinRS129.png Magikarp 2
PinRS072.png Tentacool 2
PinRS318.png Carvanha 2
PinRS370.png Luvdisc 2
PinRS320.png Wailmer 3
PinRS345.png Lileep 3
PinRS120.png Staryu 3
PinRS369.png Relicanth 3

Pinball Ruby Safari Zone.png Safari Zone

Pokémon Catch 'em Arrows
PinRS307.png Meditite 2
PinRS084.png Doduo 2
PinRS054.png Psyduck 2
PinRS127.png Pinsir 2
PinRS214.png Heracross 2
PinRS111.png Rhyhorn 2
PinRS025.png Pikachu 3
PinRS202.png Wobbuffet 3
PinRS203.png Girafarig 3

Pinball Ruby Cave.png Cave

Pokémon Catch 'em Arrows
PinRS294.png Loudred 2
PinRS296.png Makuhita 2
PinRS299.png Nosepass 2
PinRS066.png Machop 2
PinRS088.png Grimer 2
PinRS338.png Solrock 2
PinRS372.png Shelgon 2
PinRS063.png Abra 3
PinRS303.png Mawile 3

Pinball Ruby Ruins.png Ruins

Pokémon Catch 'em Arrows
PinRS374.png Beldum 2
PinRS377.png Regirock 2
PinRS379.png Registeel 2
PinRS378.png Regice 3

Other Pokémon

The following Pokémon can be found in any area, though there is less than a 1% chance of seeing them:

Pokémon Catch 'em Arrows
PinRS381.png Latios 3
PinRS142.png Aerodactyl 3
PinRS152.png Chikorita 3
PinRS155.png Cyndaquil 3
PinRS158.png Totodile 3

The following Pokémon can be obtained through other means:

Pokémon Method
PinRS383.png Groudon Groudon Bonus Stage
PinRS384.png Rayquaza Rayquaza Bonus Stage
PinRS385.png Jirachi Available in the Start slot only when at the Ruins

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