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If you were looking for the number and its uses, see 313.
Artwork by 0313

0313 (pronounced Zero San Ichi San in Japanese) is an illustrator who has contributed artwork to the Pokémon Trading Card Game. Thus far, 0313 has illustrated 61 cards (excluding reprints), the first of which was Lampent from the Guardians Rising expansion.

A full list of cards illustrated by 0313 can be found here.


Cards illustrated

Guardians Rising

Crimson Invasion

Forbidden Light

Lost Thunder

Unbroken Bonds

Unified Minds

Cosmic Eclipse

SM Black Star Promos

Rebel Clash

Darkness Ablaze

Vivid Voltage

Shining Fates

Champion's Path

Battle Styles

Chilling Reign

Evolving Skies

Fusion Strike

Brilliant Stars

Astral Radiance

Pokémon GO

Lost Origin

Silver Tempest

Crown Zenith

SWSH Black Star Promos

Paldea Evolved

Obsidian Flames

Paradox Rift

Shiny Treasure ex

SVP Black Star Promos

My First Battle

SV-P Promotional cards


0313 online store logo
  • 0313 has an online store where the logo indicates that 0313 is pronounced as Zero San Ichi San.

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