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[[1]] Pikazilla

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Custom Pokemon Types


High HP / Low ATK Pokemon that focus on healing and using berries.

Super Effective To

  • Fighting
    • Overeating is unhealthy. Food Pokemon attacking are essentially force-feeding their opponent.

Not Very Effective To

  • Ghost
    • While Ghosts can eat food (like Casper's uncle Fatso), Ghosts don't need food. Some undead, like zombies, don't eat normal food and instead consume flesh.
  • Ground
    • Food is less appetizing when it falls onto the floor.

Cannot Effect

  • Steel
    • Many Steel Pokemon are implied to be robotic, and robots cannot eat food.

Resistant To

  • Fire
    • Fire cooks certain foods, but enough fire can still burn the food.
  • Electric
    • Certain electronic devices can cook or prepare food.

Weak To

  • Normal
    • Several Normal Pokemon like Snorlax and Lickitongue are infamously gluttonous, and it only makes sense for animals to eat food.
  • Poison
    • Mold contaminates food, and many mushroom Pokemon are Poison. Poisoning food also makes it uneatable.
  • Bug
    • Ants, flies, and other pests infamously steal or infest food.
  • Steel
    • Knives, forks, spoons, and other utensils can be used to eat food.

Immune To

  • Ice
    • Freezers preserve food.


Focuses on high special attack or special defense. Normally has abilities not seen in any other type.

Super Effective To

  • Normal
    • Antagonistic aliens tend to be threatening by being technologically or physically superior to humans and earthlings in general.
  • Electric
    • Unexplained power outages are sometimes cited as being the work of aliens.

Weak To

  • Poison
    • The War of the Worlds popularized the trope that aliens are vulnerable to diseases.
  • Sound
    • Some aliens, like in Mars Attacks, are vulnerable to certain high pitched sounds.

Immune To

  • Normal & Steel
    • Many aliens are depicted being immune to human weapons, either due to their advanced unique biology or because of barrier fields. The War of the Worlds is an example.
  • Ground
    • A reference to both the floatiness of UFOs as well as contrasting aliens with Earth.


Most Cyber Pokemon are able to increase their stats gradually, either through evolution (like Porygon) or stat boosting moves (like Sharpen). This is to reference the rapid evolution of digital technology.

Super Effective To

  • Steel
    • Hacking, assuming the Steel Pokemon is a robot.

Weak To

  • Grass
    • A lack of urbanization or development tends to lead to a lack of digital technology.
  • Water
    • Shortcuircuting can permanently damage hardware.
  • Fire
    • Computers overheat easily.

Immune To

  • Electric
    • Computers and most hardware are powered by electricity.


This is the Bird Type or Typeless, but official. No strengths or weaknesses.

  • Another idea: Abnormal are super effective on turn 1, neutral on turn 2, weak on turn 3, and then it cycles.
  • Another idea: some relationship with Normal Types.


A Luck Pokemon has strengths and weaknesses set randomly at the start of the match, but it stays that way so that the opponent can strategize around it.

They commonly have random chance attacks, including low accuracy attacks and an updated variation of Metronome.

Luck Pokemon are a gimmick, so they have low stats to not make them too OP if someone does get literally lucky.

Creator God

A unique type that only exists for Mega Arceus. (Based on the Yugioh Type for Horakhty/Holactie)

Super Effective To

Everything except Normal

  • Dark maybe gets 4x super effectiveness.

Resistant To

Everything except Dark and Normal.

Weak To


Immune To


Other Ideas

  • I liked the idea of Mutant/Uranium & Sound Typing. No further comments since it was already created in great detail.
  • I considered Aura (like Lucario) and Dream as types, but they are effectively just another kind of Fighting and Psychic respectively. It's like how Fossil Pokemon are effectively Rock types.