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27 March 2024

26 March 2024

  • curprev 20:0720:07, 26 March 2024C.Ezra.M talk contribs 3,535 bytes +3,535 Created page with "{{DeckInfobox |title=Lost Box Kyogre |image=WCS2023 Lost Box Kyogre.jpg |caption=Box art |release=March 1, 2024 |types={{e|Water}}{{e|Lightning}}{{e|Psychic}}{{e|Dragon}} }} '''Lost Box Kyogre''' is the name of the deck used by Shao Tong Yen, the Junior Division champion at the 2023 World Championships. It is one of the 2023 World Championship Decks released March 1, 2024. Each deck comes with a playmat, poster, booklet about the event, Pokémon Trading Card Game..."