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Wonder Card

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A Wonder Card (Japanese: ふしぎなカード Wondrous Card) is a digital card used in Mystery Gift to track events that the player has received. They were introduced in Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen, and have been used in every core series game since.

Games can only store a limited number of Wonder Cards, with only one being able to be held at a time in the game they were introduced in. If a player has too many Wonder Cards, they are unable to receive any new ones until they discard old ones. Discarded cards can never be retrieved. If a Wonder Card is deleted before the gift is received, the gift will be deleted as well. Collecting a gift does not cause a Wonder Card to be discarded, although it will be marked as used.

Gifts can be received from the deliveryman on the second floor of Pokémon Centers in Generation III, the deliveryman in Poké Marts in Generation IV, the deliveryman in Pokémon Centers in Generation V, or the delivery girl in Pokémon Centers in Generation VI.

Wonder Cards in the player's possession can be viewed through the card album feature of Mystery Gift. Wonder Cards mention the name of the gift, whether the player has already received the gift, a brief description of the gift, and the date the Wonder Card was received in the game (Generation IV onward). An image of the Pokémon, item, or other contents of the gift is also included.

In Generation III and IV, each event distribution has unique Wonder Card text, which is stored in the card itself. From Generation V onward, the distribution text (text that is only visible when downloading the distribution) serves this role, so the Wonder Card text is instead pulled from a fixed pool that describes where it was obtained; in these games, once the event has been collected the Wonder Card text changes to indicate this.

Some Wonder Cards may also be sent to other players, enabling a player with a Wonder Card to gift a copy of it to other players that do not have it.

Maximum number of Wonder Cards

Gen Max
IV 4
V 12
VI 24

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