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Walda's room

Walda Pepper (Japanese: アヤノ Ayano) is a young girl in Rustboro City who is very sick. Her father bought her multiple Poké Dolls—such as Pikachu and the Hoenn starters—to cheer her up, but it has not worked. If the player is able to say something to make her laugh, her father will reward them with a new wallpaper for the Pokémon Storage System.

Words that will make Walda laugh usually consist of random characters and depend on the player's Trainer ID number.


Language Name Origin
Japanese アヤノ (Ayano) From 文 aya, design.
English Walda Pepper From "wallpaper".
French Bercia From bercer, to rock.
German Tapetra From Tapete, wallpaper.
Italian Nina
Spanish Anapel From papel, paper.

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